Here I am in the valley. Not a physical valley, but an inspirational one.  I watch the election, and am sorely grieved, as are many people. Being tri-racial and a woman, I am torn. I do not like what the war in Iraq has cost; in lives, misery and money. Another term on the same terms seems absurd.  I am trying to figure out why U.S. tenacles reach so far and for so long. It is very much like the uninvited person  who comes for a stay and  decides not to go home. Who stays in the attic with an arsenal of weaponry.  I am sure that Japan and Germany can attest to this premise. A spread net?

That leaves me with the remaining two who fight each other like embittered spouses. I will lay it down as succinctly as I see it. The Clintons have become a part of our landscape. Our landscape is effaced.  It was the very nasty business of a blue dress that has led to this period of time. Yes, the budget was more under control, but who is responsible for the jobs going everywhere but the homeland, and how much does a speaker get paid for speaking in a foreign country? When did China get to own our debt markers? Very sordid business. Shall Hilliary be allowed to undo the damage that was done during the Clinton term at the Whitehouse? Aren’t there other skeletons in the closet besides suicide lawyers, and a woman serving a sentence rather than to speak out against the Clintons.  Surely, there must be more skeletons in this dark closet. Their persuasive the argument is this: “vote for the devil you know rather than the devil you don’t know.” Unsavory business, indeed. Very nasty and demoralizing. When did Rush Limbaugh get the power to initiate “operation chaos”? Hey, isn’t there a law against tampering with a national election? This goes beyond freedom of speech. Check out the stats of the exit polls in Texas, as to the mischief that led to mayhem. Rush Limbaugh should be sleepless these days, there is no telling when a hammer will fall upon this prankster. An election is a very serious matter, not a game.

Barack Hussein Obama. I said  his name because it is the name he was given at birth. Those who want to illicit the same fear as in “code orange”or “code yellow” seek to play on the fears of the unknown. “How much do we really know about Senator Obama?” Wasn’t it a surrogate of the “clean-hands” Senator John McCain  who pursued the Reverend Wright story? Isn’t this same “oops” currently being run in North Carolina? Is its intention to skim off white voters and the undecided? Those who heard Reverend Wright and freaked out do not know Chicago, at least Chicago for blacks. Having lived in Chicago for five years, I found it to be one of the most racially segregated cities I have ever known. The South side of Chicago is an area where black people can spend their consumer dollar and never have to leave the South side. Fiery sermons preached in the tradition of the Southern Black church is quite normal. Black churches have always dealt with social injustices. If a pastor is a prophet, then he will speak and his words will be as “fire” and the people as “wood.” To continue to attack this man is a grave  mistake. “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet’s no harm.” If in fact, the spirit of the Lord has led him to deal with racism that has been systemic in our society, then he HAS to speak if he is to obey God. The anointing of the prophet oftentimes is to pronounce judgment when there has been an agregious, repeated offense against the righteousness of God. Was Jeremiah politically correct in his day?

To ask why would Barack stay in this church, it is obvious to me that while he started attending at the tender age of 27, there were not many pastors who had the drawing power of Pastor Wright, the educated members,  as well as the neighborhood community members.  This pastor who has been demonized has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that is NOT racially charged. Anyone who seeks knowledge and wisdom would gravitate  in this direction. There is a certain loyalty that is built up in the presiding over marriages and birthings that cannot be denied.  If Pastor Wright engaged in these fiery sermons condemning America for its racism which spans hundreds of years and covers more races than blacks( many of the tribes from which I descend are now extinct), then there is a desire displayed that says, “hey, I am black, too” Only someone with bi-racial or mixed roots would be so torn. Sometimes I feel as if I have members fighting within myself. I can relate to mother Africa, I can relate to the Iroquois & Sioux who were the fathers of the five tribes: Tutelo, Nansemond, Tuscarora, Occaneechee and Saponi, and I can also relate to Great Britain. It seems at times, as if a war is going on inside of me.  When someone is bi-racial, as are my grandchildren, niece and cousins, then it becomes a decision as to whether or not this person will choose which side of the fence they are on- in the old days they called it ‘passing for white’ -or to endeavor to tear down these fences and create new terms: in truth, we are but one family.

It is not a matter of the color of the skin, it boils down to the have’s and have not’s. Tell me, if it weren’t for the fact that certain people possess SO much wealth, would there be SO much poverty?  As to the matter of power: those who hold on to this power have a death grip upon it. The battle rages, gets uglier, and has no end in sight. There is something I once heard, although I cannot remember the source. Simply put,”sometimes you win, yet you lose; sometimes you lose  yet you win.” Are we big enough as Americans to have a win-win scenario in the face such troubling times, or are we so entrenched in the yesterdays of our glory to be blind to what could be a new beginning?



Red ants work feverishly below.
There is precious little time to gather.
This selfless system was once enough
to garner a supply of food against winter.

Now, there is but the incoming wave washing
elaborate sand-castles away with callousness.
Where is our motivation, now?  Are we to continue
in the widom of our fathers?  I think not. The wisdom

of our fathers does not fit into the mosiac of our times.
These are troubling times. The earth belches upheaval.
We are powerless in the face of nature’s fury. All of our
plans have become useless to us. What shall we do now?

We have been to the moon and triumphed in the face of
stars, but we were unable to bridle our basest natures. We
have celebrated our senses, losing our sense. Is there time
to reel it in, or must we shamefacedly face our effaced valleys?

Alice Parris