The entire world, with the exception of the Evangelical community, is scratching their heads at the McCain pick for VP. I thought that the number one objective in the selection of a Vice Presidential nominee, is that he or she is ready to lead; to Be Commander-In-Chief (in our world full of erupting wars and evil alliances.) I thought that another of the objectives was to balance out the ticket; not to select a “mini-me.” I understand that the President has to be comfortable with the “person down the hall.” Well, Senator McCain has a penchant for “beauty queens.” I suppose he feels that he will live forever with this youthful, blood transfusion, but the reality is this: melanoma can recur at anytime.

Cindy McCain should be shaking in her boots. She is getting older and although I am certain that Governor Sarah Palin is above such things, McCain may not be above an “affair of the heart.” How else can you explain meeting someone one time before asking them to step into the most powerful position in the world, should your aged-heart stop beating? His first wife was a beauty queen, until tragedy struck her, then, he replaced her (while still married) with the then, young, heiress Cincy McCain. There is never a public display of sincere affection between these two. You could not wipe the ebullient smile off of McCain’s face, as the pretty Governor Palin stood at his side. 

The world is as shocked as the Religious Right is elated. This appears to be an expediency move. However, I would suggest to you, that one of McCain’s true weaknesses appears to be envy. He tried to “throw off the scent” with the gracious congratulatory ad airing on Senator Obama’s “big day.” That’s one way to keep your face in the prime-time media; without seeming ungracious.  McCain knew that he could not match the press that Obama was getting.  Out of a desperation to galvanize the Religious Right and to scarf up the remains of disgruntled Hillary supporters, McCain picked someone who reminded him of himself.  I suggest to you that the old male and young female Mavericks will have a hard time selling this one, to anyone but the Evangelicals.

When you talk about judgement, McCain has conceded this point to Obama. When you talk about temperament, McCain has conceded this one to Obama, when you talk about who is ready to lead-should some ill befall the President- McCain has conceded this one to Obama. “Country First”-McCain has conceded this one to the Obama-Biden ticket. When you talk about sheer impulsiveness, McCain has taken the proverbial cake. Happy Birthday, Senator McCain!

Alice Parris


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  2. a friend suggested to me
    that the metaphor of chess could apply
    the democrats passed up the use of the “queen”
    so the repubs jumped on a chance
    they saw it as demo weakness

    i may have to think more about the whole
    chess thing

    my take is
    rove is the mastermind here

    he’s thinking if palin can pull
    20% of the hillary votes
    mccain can win

    and i am very interested
    to read what women are
    thinking about all this

    maureen down is
    shakin ‘ her head

    the whold thing seems like a
    macabre tv drama
    way after prime time


  3. Dear John,
    Macacabre drama, to be sure. funny thing, though, (not being a chess player myself) I think that if Obama had picked Hillary for VP, the Dems would have ALWAYS said that Obama felt that he could not win without her. This rumor would have dogged his entire term upon his successful bid for Presidency. It is sort of like damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Already, they are saying that his pick of Joe Biden is his admission of his lack of foreign policy credentials. This sick no-can-win-no-matter-what-you do is out of the Rove playbook. I have read some blogs that actually say that Rove was pushing Romney, McCain wanted his pal Lieberman, and the base was threatening a floor fight at the RNC. So he picked a woman( a pretty one) without much vetting (according to Alaskans) and she can sell herself-to be sure- but she has alot of skeletons that are falling out of that closet by the minute. The question is whether or not the McCain camp ,along with Bush operatives, will be able to nail this closet door shut, stall the wind-up of the investigation against her(findings scheduled to be out October 31st) and to debunk any other scandals about her that range the gambit. She delivered the speech well. You could never tell that up until the time McCain picked her, she was bragging about how closely she resembled the Obama platform for change. Thanks for the comment. I do so enjoy them.
    Alice Parris

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