Sarah Palin is still a mistake. There will be ample time for full disclosure when the war declared by the self-proclaimed “mavericks” upon the media ensues. The media will do its homework and the adage, “there’s no fool like an old fool” will take on a new relevance come November 4th, 2008. I would advise members of the McCain camp to beware of being involved in any cover-ups. For you shall be exposed. Do not fall upon the sword for the party, or for the individuals. Do not delay or block legal investigations or proceedings. It will not serve you well.

Delivering a caustic speech, which arouses the nearly-dead, does not mean that the John McCain choice was a good one. On the contrary, Sarah Palin has some more skeletons in her closet. The McCain camp will spend their time putting out the Palin fires, but there will still be the smoke. There will be a reckoning, but not the kind that the Republican religious right is looking for. Do you remember when Focus On The Family asked the good Christians to pray for an “abundant rain, torrential rain, urban-and-small-stream- flood-advisory rain” on Obama’s big day to indicate God’s displeasure with him? Well, it looks as if the rain was a little late and consequently the Republican convention was a little late starting. The rains came and are still coming.

Perhaps people and businesses in the hit areas should send Focus On The Family a bill for damages ensued by practicing this type of prayer. Do you realize how God feels about those who pray amiss? He is not an addled, old man who missed His mark. He chose not to answer these prayers because it dishonored the blood of the martyr, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, whose “I Have A Dream” speech was delivered forty-five years ago on that same day. It stood as a sign of a fufulled prophecy. God still holds the blood of the martyrs sacred, however, it was Senator John McCain who withstood a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in Arizona for many, many years. Do mean spirited, hateful, right-wing zealots really believe that someone sitting in a church (in a small town in Alaska) whose preacher tells them that to not vote for Bush would doom them to hell, is capable of being one-heart-beat-away from a nuclear devise? Independent thinkers, the undecided and the indifferent, do not be seduced by this Trojan horse. Do not allow lethargy or apathy, or scales upon your eyes to allow you to relax your defiant stance against four more years. Just stand, then vote. We SHALL be victorious!

Obama-Biden 2008

Alice Parris


  1. As more and more frightening disclosures are coming out about Sarah Palin, it appears as if there is a bloody trail of social or political enemies left in her wake. It is remniscent of the goddess in mythology-Diana-goddess of the hunt. Interested people should read about the alledged qualities of this Diana and see if it ain’t her in the flesh!!!

  2. How accurate your words were. Look where the polls are today! I will watch tonight’s debate with slight unease, because I never can be comfortable with a lead when people are fickle, but I feel that if Obama outperforms McCain tonight, it’s over for McCain. My heart tells me Obama will win this thing.

  3. Dear poetgrin,

    I am genuinly concerned for the safety of Senator Obama as never before. I, too, believe that he will win. However, with the malice that the McCain-Palin ticket are tapping into is so dangerous, that it will make keeping President Obama safe, that much more difficult. There are people shooting themselves, and killing their families and then themselves over this economic melt down. That leaves alot of deranged, pistol-packing, erratic, bigots on the loose, does it not? Tonight, the debate will be in Nashville where I live. I will be ever vigilant and prayerful. This is touted as the forum of strength for Senator McCain. He should take a higher road than he has taken. All of this negativity has done nothing but backfire on him. I think he suffers from a serious case of PSTD.
    Alice Parris

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