I have spent the last THIRTY years studying “spiritual warfare.” Spiritual warfare is nothing without the spirt of discernment which is so lacking in the pews today. The spirit of Jezebel came into the Church awhile ago, along with other various religious spirits, to infiltrate. They have redirected the Church from the social gospels to mammon-worship. By mammon worship, I mean  the love of money, power and fame. This is a real trick or treat from Satan, right here, right now. There are those who choose to not see since having a black man as President is just not acceptable to many. Look how cleverly Satan planned this one. McCain and Palin have declared war on the media to suppress the fact that she lies, alot! Also, if anyone has a fair criticism of her, we will hear the shout, “sexism!” This is a lady who kills moose, I mean, honestly! She can’t take a punch? Well, she can sure throw one!

Matthew 24:24 reads, “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”  The Republicans have been trying to paint Obama as a false Christ for their own political purposes. Never once has Senator Obama said anything other than he is a follower of Christ. For evidence of his heart, research the note that Obama left in the Wailing Wall in the city of Jereusalem (which was taken and published.) It does not suggest anything but a sincere follower of Christ. There are two camps here; those who would follow the social gospels(“…love your neighbor as you love yourself…”) and those who want to hang their hat on Roe vs. Wade, dismissive of the suffering people that are ALREADY here; many of them dying daily as the rich get richer. What does the Church champion today besides overturning Roe Vs. Wade? Hanging the whole of the gospels on one tenent of faith is what makes the Evangelical Church call other churches “cults.”

Satan has released from his bag of tricks, one of the oldest pagan deities, Diana, Roman goddess of the hunt. She has not shown up incarnate like this for eons. Diana was the beautiful, athletic, Roman diety of the hunt, children, feminine values, chastity,  also possessing a free spirit. Sounds like Palin down to every detail. Perhaps, the Church can NOW give us a working definition of a christian-feminist. Diana is mentioned in Acts 19:28, “…Great is Diana of the Ephesians.” In modern Italy, it is said that witches were to have descended from Diana. Today there is a branch of wicca named for her.  Nowhere, but in a place like Alaska, could such an deity emerge upon the state as well as the national scene. Palin is none other than Diana in the flesh. The spirit of deception and error is on display, and the Church at large is falling for it hook, line and sinker. Should I bother to mention that Senator McCain has a hook in his jaw? What a big fish he is! Palin, initially a Catholic, has been in various Pentacostal churches growing up, but has no problem posing seductively for magazine covers, such as Vogue. Is that cleavage? I don’t know about you, but in the many Pentacostal churches that I attended, cleavage was not tolerated. Is this the future of the Church or the Church of the “new” politics?

The state of Alaska is brimming with stories of Palin’s legendary vindictivness. My Bible tells me forgiveness is the minimum requirement for having God even hear your prayers. There are bloodied footprints in the snow everywhere. Bloody from a brazen disregard for the lives of animals as well as the people whom she deemed prey;  fallen by one of Palin’s poison arrows. All of this was spun as “Maverick”reform.  I would suggest to you that Palin has compromised more than she has revealed in her journalistic reinvention of herself. Palin has charmed the good people of Alaska to entrust her with power, then abused it as well as them. She can sure deliver an attack, can’t she? Is this what Jesus is about right now? Isn’t the Father concerned about filling his house with sons and daughters? I do not see any evidence of the “servant’s heart” that Palin talked about. What I see is someone who has served herself to more and more power, by virtue of her beauty and iron fist. Eeeks! Is this someone that should lead our nation into the future? Who will be left standing if we are all prey to this in-the-flesh-ancient goddess?

McCain has sent his people and the Bush people are up in Alaska trying to cover up her bloody tracks, right now. She has various churches in Alaska praying for her, but they have been deceived by her. In the face of the ongoing scandals regarding Palin, they will ignore them, as requested by their pastors. Palin is a spin-master who has sold herself to the Republican nominee as a champion/victim. She is no victim. Should they succeed in their bid for presidency, I wouldn’t bet two nickels on McCain’s life expectancy. Diana, I mean Palin will snuff it out as scheduled. The health community will cry McCain suffered from health problems secondary to his age and history of cancer. It would be more like the result of “witchcraft prayer.” Then, voila, the more favored, luminous President Palin; ruling, reigning and dining on bloody “red meat.”

Alice Parris


  1. Mike,

    I will answer to God for my statements, which I stand by. You have no idea what information I have from effectively operating in a deliverance ministry for twenty of the thirty years. I did not ask for this ministry from God, it was thrust upon me as a result of my testimony-being delivered from the occult. I am not worried about misleading others, my purpose is to warn others who do not understand the depth of deception and false anointing that this Trojan horse represents. Her pastor has never heard her pray in tongues (after two decades in a Pentacostal church?) My five children all speak in tongues as do I-some of them from the age of five.They have been brought up with the full gospel message and a leaning towards the prophetic, as I can only give to them what I possess.
    All of them have a personal relationship with God.

    Palin has no knowledge of spiritual warfare -which is standard in any prophetic church. My reference to mythology is merely to call Palin out as an extrenely powerful force and not for good upon the earth. Did you know that people are making dolls of her right now, engaging in idolatry?

    All promotion comes from God, but the promotion taking place in her case comes from a strong ambition for power, careful manipulation and an iron fist. Think what you will, Mike. Thank you for worrying about my relationship with God, as well as the possibility of my “misleading man” I did not lightly write this article. I fear the Lord. I fellowship with Him, always.

    I could go into depth with an alternative name-the Queen of heaven is the power behind Palin. There are a plethera of female demonic powers. Jezebel gets the credit for attacking the prophets, and doing any and everything to destroy churches. I am telling you that the reason every one is so taken by Palin is not because of God’s promotion, but because of the powers that uphold her. There is a false anointing here, just as Lucifer (Satan) will appear as an angel of shing light, so Sarah Palin shines. Soon, she will be exposed.

    I really do appreciate your sincere Christian concern. I know the penalty with God for touching the anointed of God. I know that God is swift to judge false prophets, with a death sentence. I am willing to give up my life for what I have written. Too long have I held my peace when the prophetic word and the discerning of spirits revealed to me (by the Holy Spirit of God) the spirit of a man or woman. In a matter this serious, I was not allowed to remain silent. At a future time my words will ring truth.

    Mike, did you know why so many religious spirits can sit through a church service, listen to high praise and deep worship and not skip a beat? Well, these are they which lost their first estate, and they are very used to worship. Bring in a tongue-talking, demon casting out apostle, prophet, or evangelist and you will see what will happen to those in the pew. Many Churches today are lacking real power. Many pastors are feeding the congregation old mannna. Real power from God comes from having spent a great deal of time in His divine presence( not being satisfied until they have touched God and God has touched them.)
    Alice Parris

  2. Dear Alice,

    You hit the nail exactly on the head. I was thinking about this Sarah Palin debacle for most of the day, and just a few minutes ago when I came in the house after working outside all day this thought popped into my mind:

    ‘Go to Google and type in Sarah Palin Jezebel incarnate.’

    Which I did, and found your post right at the top of the hotlink page. I was sure glad to read your essay and to discover that I”m not alone in seeing the spiritual power behind Sarah Palin. I’ve been feeling pretty much alone in seeing it, I have only two friends who do. It is really sad that so many Christians are falling for Palin, all to do with them being under the spirit of top-down-control, which is the same spirit/attitude that empowered the Nicolaitans.

    If you have time to reply I’d like to discuss this further with you, however if you’re too busy I can understand. My email address is:

    Your friend,

    Jim Yost

    • What we see here is the spirit of error on display. There is a complete denial of facts and actions supporting facts. What we have in even greater numbers than this, are very poor shepherds who are unwilling to admit that they were wrong. The pride and arrogance which this reveals is abhoring. The first thing that President-elect Obama did was confirm the words that he spoke regarding Israel: he got Rahm Emmauel (son of an Israeli) on his staff. Does the church feel that this is just a smokescreen? Not with Rahm Emmanuel; he’s nobody’s pawn.

      There are so many other situations where there is denial because the Christians who had been praying against (then Senator) Obama did so because they believed that he was Muslim, the antichrist, the end of white civilization or all of the above. It is very sad, really. Yet, I daresay that the people of this church will just sit, and sit and sit until the days of sitting are past. They will accept the Pastor’s explanation for God not answering “their” prayers, however illogical it may be.

      Nevermind that the global economy tanked under the unwatchful eye of a president that the church at large was told to support from these same pews. What we have now is a situation where good is called evil and evil called good. Thanks for sharing.
      Blessings 7 peace,
      Alice Parris

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