This blog will be brief, but perhaps it will answer a few questions that have people scratching their heads.  Basically, the subconscious mind registers whatever is heard or said as truth. There is no discerning power to be found. It is all truth. If a person repeatedly says, “one of these days a car is going to fly off of the freeway and hit our home” enough times, it will eventually cause it to come to pass. There is a great deal of resident power in words.  It takes eleven times of stating the polar opposite of the undesired words to cancel out just one erroneous statement made to the subconscious mind. This is the reason why there are people out there who still believe that Senator Barack Obama is a muslim, despite all evidence to the contrary. I often wondered why the anchors, pundits and journalists at Fox News would repeat themselves over and over and over again. Sean Hannity comes to mind. He is simply practicing a form of mind control. This is a technique that professional hypnotists use to treat trauma, obesity and addictions, as well as low self-esteem from a person being repeatedly called, “stupid” or “fat” or “ugly.” This is the nuts and bolts of why positive affirmations to self do work. People do look into the mirror and say, “I love you and you are going to have a great day!”

The McCain campaign will repeat a lie over and over and over in the face of journalistic scrutiny, because they are after the “mass mind.” It is the mass mind that will go into the voting booth. A person might have evey intention of voting for a certain candidate, but at the last minute, they will change their vote. They will shrug it off as, “I just didn’t feel comfortable about them when I actually got into the booth.” It is my belief that Palin will continue to repeat the same lies, as will McCain, as will George Bush, as will Carl Rove, as will Fox News. They are trying to affect voters on a subconscious level because, “they got nothing” and they know it. All of the conservatives and surrogates are airing vicious lies to defame Senator Obama, because they know that the subconscious mind will retain the information, little matter if it is the truth.

The free-thinking American people have not bought into these “mind control” techniques. That does not make the Republicans stop repeating identified distortions of the truth. Truth does not figure in. There will be plenty of time for buyers remorse, should this travesty lead to a successful McCain-Palin election.  Mind control is the name of the game being played right here and right now. The lemmings and the sheep are ready to jump off of the cliff. The reptilian Republican mind has developed these techniques into a nearly perfect science. Oftentimes, in a nearly perfect plan, there comes along the “black swan” factor. It is the unknown element  which which will be the real “game changer.” At 11:59 and counting, be on the look-out for it!

Alice Parris


  1. I agree, this is why most folks have voted against their own best economic best interest for the last two National election cycles. We need to think about the world we are leaving behind for our children and not buy the mind control crap. Lies are lies, and we would not tolerate them from our family and friends, so use your common sense and vote for who is on the best side of the truth as best as you see it in your heart.

  2. This is and will continue to be a serious problem as an entire arm of our media has been scripted to beat the drum repeatedly in all news cycles until enough distored truth has been successful as subconscious programming. What about the repetitions of phony polling numbers? Their hope is that people will not want to throw their vote away to a losing team. These numbers are cooked up in their own crock pots and do not represent the people who are subterranean revolutionaries for change.

    After I wrote a post and my sister commented. Afterwards, her emails were baraged with Right Wing blogs with a “who will you vote for poll.” When she voted for Barack Obama, the response was thank you for vote for John McCain! Reptilian indeed!
    Alice Parris

  3. ie. Jedi mind trick-“You don’t need to see these droids-they’re not the one’s you’re looking for, move along!” I am also amazed how people who NEED healthcare and $ for college will still vote AGAINST their interests (in my encounters, under the banner of fear of a socialist society). I hear them “going ’round” with their fictitious circular reasoning-anything in order to deny the “elephant in the room.” Darkness scares them to death.

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