Palin has enjoyed a charmed life. She married her high school sweeheart; she was and still is loved. Her tough stance on incest or rape victims having to carry a baby full term hardly refers to her. I will give her credit for the keeping of her Down Syndrome baby, but didn’t she run under an anti-abortion flag prior to this conception and following revelation? How could she get an abortion, even if she considered being hypocritical? What secrets can be hidden in a state with the population of Alaska? The fact that she flew, knowing that after seven months physicians and airlines alike discourage it,  putting her unborn child at great risk. To have a leaking bag of amniotic fluid on a long flight does not show a great deal of concern for possible complications which could arise in ANY pregnancy. Would the airlines have been able to deliver her Down Syndrome baby without a possible mistake? What if there had been a cord wrapped around the baby’s neck, which, would have been undetected if there was no monitoring of the baby for signs of fetal distress.  How would Palin even know if her baby was inside, dying?  Ruptured amniotic fluid is serious. Dry-birth following the leaking of amniotic fluid is a complication. Palin’s forty-four year old age categorized her pregnancy as an obstetrical high-risk pregnancy. Why the playing loose and wrecklessly in this particular situation?

My next point is this: has anyone stopped to consider the recent rash of pregnant-wife killings plaguing our nation? Has anyone stopped to think about the implications of the overturning of Roe vs. Wade in our selfish society? Has anyone stopped to realize that teenage pregnancy is no longer a problem for just “them?” There is more involved than just the pregnancy itself. There does exist evidence of a syndrome of maternal  ambivalance-which could easily lead to innocent toddlers being locked in the trunk of a car-by mothers who are not ready to settle down. How much more detached will the pregnant woman of incest or rape be? How eager will adoptive parents be to adopt a baby which is the result of incest, knowing the incalculable medical problems that they might face? With the advent of medical technology in the field of infertility, as well as willing surrogates, there are people who want their own biological children, if they can possibly have them. Adoption might not even be considered.

There are men, who will be held accountable for their actions by advances in DNA. Gone are the days of, “its not mine!” This, alone, might push some of them to the actual abuse or homicide of these pregnant women. The carefree life of the male gadfly will be over. This man may not act so very well towards the women that Biden legislation has vowed to protect. There will be an increased rash of babies who are unloved and in danger as well as the mothers who are unloved and in danger. There will be the financial responsibilities which men will have to face if they impregnate a woman without weighing the costs. How many of these women will be despised? No more one night stands, fellas! There are also the many cases of “failed protection.” State by state there are agencies which enforce men to pay for the children they conceive. Even if an extended family is prepared to help the pregnant woman without the assist of the impregnating male, if she should ever fall on hard times and need public assisistance, the man will be made to repay the debt by the enforcing agency.  He will also have to pay when the  DNA test says that he is the biological father.

Accountability yes, but everyone does not lead a charmed life. Everyone does not have family support, everyone does not have the ability to have a “shot-gun wedding,” everyone is not as fortunate as the Palin clan. There are abused women everywhere who will testify that the abuse did not begin until the first pregnancy, until the first child. WOMEN and MEN of procreative age everywhere SHOULD BE  CONCERNED about the philosophy and plans of the Republican agenda to overturn Roe Vs. Wade. I see, unsafe abortions, maternal deaths, increased abuse of pregnant women, increased abuse of married women who get pregnant; in which the family cannot afford another child, I see self-centered men everywhere  plotting to get rid of the “damning evidence.” What I do not see is success with the abstinence teaching for our teens who are sexually active, nor the success of abstinence teaching  in the face of marching “peer pressure.”  I do not see abstinence teaching as being the solution to counter the incalcuable dangerous possibilities that women will face, if McCain-Palin have it their way.

Alice Parris


  1. Having been a health care professional for 27 years, the daughter of an obstetritian before he turned abortionist, having been abused while pregnant and married, and having watched with horror the stories of pregnant wives being murdered, kids being drowned in cars or locked in trunks to die, I have come to the aforementioned conclusions.

    Thanks for the comment. It is a real encouragement to me.
    Alice Parris

  2. Bangalore : When a 24-year-old pregnant woman loses both her baby and uterus in an accident, should she be denied being a mother again? This was the question raised by Kamini Rao of Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre at a panel

    • This is a very complicated issue when the laws of different nations come into play. Surrogacy is a wonderful option for parents who want children and cannot have them. The legal issues need to be hammered out according to the laws of the land and the legal precedent in the individual case prior to embarking on this journey. To want a child and not be able to have one is a terrible misery that few can ever understand.

      Personally, I had two children after I had a tubal reversal when I was in my forties. I had prayed to the Lord after having had repeated dreams about my having another boy and a girl ( five years prior to this surgical reversal) I had the reversal, got pregnant immediately and miscarried within six weeks(due to advanced maternal age.)

      I became depressed for an entire year. I felt that God did not love me, because I knew that He knew how badly I wanted a child. “God worketh in us both to will and to do His good pleasure…” I had re-married, and my new husband of ten years had no biological children, yet he was the step-father to three of mine.

      I had a dream that I would have a child in April. I was in D.C. and my husband in Arizona. I did my calculations and knew that I would have to cut my trip short in order to conceive for April of the following year. I went home and got pregnant with my now thirteen year old daughter, born in April. When she was one, I knew in my spirit that it was time for the boy to be conceived. I knew it and then, bam! I was pregnant with him.

      I turned forty-six the week after I had my now 11 year old son. I became the oldest “natural” mother in my fertility physicians practice. They even did a news piece of it, although I had my last husband’s last name, then. I do know the dreadful pain of wanting a child and being in despair because of the inability to have one. I totally support surrogacy. The heartbreak caused by legal issues involving this issue must be weighed out with certainty. Once the process has begun, there is no turning back; unless a legal loophole is already there.
      Alice Parris

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