I do not need to stress the importance to the Democrats and to the Obama-Biden campaign the fact that REPUBLICANS STEAL ELECTIONS! They stole the election in 2000 from Vice President Al Gore in the state of Florida, they stole the election from Senator John Kerry in 2004 in the state of Ohio. There are various ways that they use: subliminal programming, falsifying poll numbers, voter suppression and programming for backwards counting on the election machines. Oh, the fate of so many in the hands of so few.

The Republicans LIE.  We won’t know the full extent of the Bush-Cheney lies for sometime to come. Has anyone ever seen someone as clandestine and arrogant as Dick Cheney?  Bush and Cheney sacked the nation while Rome was burning.  Brand new  investigations will be launched, stalled and sealed. I am not even talking about  Governor Palin’s “Troopergate.” I understand that the McCain camp has taken over the governance of Alaska. Smells like an oil and gas takeover. I am sure that the good people of Alaska will not be happy with the pittance from energy revenues that they will get under the banner of “Country First.”

As Alaskan’s strongest act of political protest, they should start by throwing their three electorial votes away from the McCain-Palin ticket. That would be a cruel irony, indeed, for the “most popular governor in the United States.” Why did Sarah Palin forsake the people who elected her, anyway?  I suspect that it might have something to do with the “bridges to nowhere” that she burned and the enemies that she has made along the way.  Whatever is she going to do about her “ole buddy” Senator Ted Stevens?  Will she leave him out to dry after all of the favors she has asked him for over the years? I feel the need for a character study, don’t you?

This time, the Democrats need to use every means necessary to ensure that this election is not stolen. Everything hangs in the balance. To those sitting on the fence while Rome burns, vote your pocket books, because if you don’t watch your pockets-they will continue to be picked. Do not vote for looks, legs or lies vote for your own interests.  Ask yourself this question: “if you were about to be put out into the street, or your kids were going to have to live with you in a car that you can’t afford gas for, will your church make sure that you have a roof over your head? Will your church make sure that your children get to eat what they used to eat while you faithfully tithed there? Will your church make sure that you have the gas money to drive to another state where a relative could help you and your children? Will your church help get you back on your feet again?” If the answer is yes, I would listen to the pastor of such a church, because the social gospels have become living epistles. If the answer is no, leave behind robotics, religiosity and racism. CHECK YOUR POCKETS!

Alice Parris


  1. In a way, I am glad that the GOP has railed against the media so bad, that the negative press is killing them. It is refreshing to see that these “misstatements” are finally being acknowledged. No! The emperor has NO clothes! I look forward to tomorrow night’s VP debate. Joe B. is awesome! He quoted a notable figure who had responded to the old “Give ’em hell!” statement of support. He said that he “will tell the truth, and they will THINK it’s hell!” (classic Joe…)

  2. Hi E Micol,

    Your comments ar always original, creative and weave a delightful, thoughtful response to my post. I hope that you will continue to comment. I enjoy your writing! I hope that they think they are in hell too. It is amazing to me how Joe B. could have given over 100 speeches just since he has been named VP. Sarah Palin shouldn’t have made that joke about him having been around so long. She will live to regret it, I am sure of that! Boy, he has fire in his belly!

    Alice Parris

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  4. It is democrats that steal elections. The democrat turds invented vote fraud..Lyndon Johnson stole his original election. Kennedy and the mafia and Daley stole the 1960 White House from Nixon. It is no coincidence that a DALEY wasinvolved with the Gore SoreLoserman attempt to steal Florida. Democrat turds need to be flushed down the toilet into the sewer where they belong. ACORN criminals should be hanged for treason.

  5. You seem very angry. Are you not aware that such anger can cause strokes, heart attacks and cancer? It causes the cells in the body to mutate and change from healthy to unhealthy? You are a tremendously unhappy person and you have gotten your facts from other conspiracy sourcers of information: other people who also hate. All of your hatred will not change the outcome of what is about to come to pass. You really need to talk to God about your views, run them past Him and see what He has to say about “… he who hates his brother is as a murderer..” The same spirit is in operation. Hatred and murder are flip sides of the same coin. You will never prosper if you continue this path. You shall be as chaff before the wind.
    Alice Parris

  6. I should have known better than to try to refute a moonbat. My facts are correct, I’m ok with god and the liar thieving democrat crooks will be rotting in hell before I get to heaven. and try tobet my half-marathon time you moron before yoy talk about health.. I’ma very ahppy person, esecially when I get to refute liberal bullshit. Go get some new vibrator batteriesand calm yourself..

  7. Angry, and I might add illiterate. I would concern myself with a course in the King’s English before I would contemplate batteries for a vibrator for me. I would be concerned about the order of your “rotting in hell” and your “going to heaven.” It seems as if you have a self-righteous spirit. It is unprofitable for anyone concerned with going to Heaven, or didn’t you get that impression when Jesus chastised the religious leaders and hypocrites of His day. Oh, by the way, respect is shown to God by capitalizing his name (that is, if YOUR god is the one in the Bible, creator of heaven and earth.) If it is Not the same one, then you have gotten the spelling just perfect!

    May the Lord richly bless you for all that you have said and done in Jesus name. May your reward be great for giving Him the glory for your positions of love. May He agree with the motives of your heart; may your pure heart allow you to see God, May all of these things be quickly done, so that you can behold your own righteousness. Amen and Amen.
    Blessings 7 peace,
    Alice Parris

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