I could not believe it when I heard Sarah Palin pound the point in her stump speech in Colorado, that Obama hung around with “terrorists.” Terrifying, if it were not for the fact that she and her husband have been so closely aligned with the Alaskan Independence Party. Aren’t these the folks who have no use for America and frankly advocate Alaska’s sucession from the Union? She cannot have it both ways. Isn’t it Sarah Palin who cannot figure out where she stands regarding her longtime associate, Senator Ted Stevens? I’ll betcha she is waiting to see how it all plays out, first. Sorry Ted, you just might get fed to the wolves. Governor Sarah Palin is an ambitious, cut-throat politician with a history of becoming friends with a mentor, learning what they know and then being a challenger for their jobs. Many people still think that she is “as dumb as a box of rocks.” But, I think that Senator McCain should probably watch his back.

Her response to the McCain campaign pulling out of Michigan seemed more like an attempt on her part to negotiate her way into a 2012 bid for Presidency, to me.  I did not know that a Vice Presidential nominee would openly question the judgement of the person on the top of the ticket in a matter as serious as this. Perhaps Senator McCain has grown blind from the many winks that Governor Palin drops while speaking. I guarantee you that Governor Palin is getting cozy with as many people in the energy arena as she can (and not for Senator McCain’s benefit.) She is going to get that gas pipeline by hook or by crook. You betcha! Worst case scenario for Governor Palin is that she and Senator McCain fail in their bid for the White House, she returns as governor, with new allies who will help her “energize” the lower forty-eight (via pipeline) while she helps herself become one of the most powerful women in the world.

How can Senator McCain go negative on Senator Obama without any of us remembering the KEATING scandal? I want to make sure that no one forgets his past “evil alliances” while he pounds away at Senator Obama.  Surely, he had to know that the Keating Five scandal is also a question of judgement, honesty, and guilt by association. The desperate McCain campaign will go negative for the remaing thirty-one days of this election cycle, while Rome burns and its citizens expire from smoke inhalation. What about his reckless behavior in the Navy which led to the loss of lives of his fellow military personel? I keep hearing whispers about this. Senator McCain will you put these rumors to rest?

Has Senator McCain been recently re-evaluated for  PTSD? He appears to have a pretty bad case of it from his POW days. What is this unwillingness or inability to look Senator Obama directly in the eye? Is this some behavior that he learned while in captivity, not to look into the eyes of the enemy?  I find it hard to believe; it is just flagrant disrespect. Note to John McCain: Obama is NOT your enemy. You are both fighting to make the SAME COUNTRY a better place, or at least this is what we have been led to believe.  Senator McCain, show Senator Obama the same respect that he shows you. He shakes your hand and looks you in the eye. He addresses you directly. Senator McCain, your manners are intolerable and it sends a very bad message about you…something about “grumpy old men.”

Alice Parris


  1. Dear Flobpf
    Thanks, I meant what Governor Palin said in Colorado. They are all over the place, aren’t they? I am glad that you referred me to your blog.

    I really do believe what I am saying about Palin. She is shrewd and she has been trying to seduce the entire world with her blowing of kisses (hey isn’t that Marilyn Monroe?” winking, and folksy “charm.” A Jezebel- type (Hollywood genre) could not seduce conservatives-so this girl next-door-Annie Oakley was sent in as an operative. To quote Nancy Pelosi, “a rock was lifted up and undeneath it were vermin.” McCain better watch his food around her, once she has sucked his brain dry and has all of his numbers in her cell phone. She might turn straight-up Black Widow! Is Todd the “third-wave pimp” or what? LOL
    Alice Parris

  2. Another powerful post, Alice. I don’t know how the election will turn out, but I do know the truth when I hear it. Keep speaking the truth to power. We shall overcome.

  3. Dear Helen,
    I, too, believe this. I cannot forget the blood of the slain martyr who had such a dream about content of character trumping the color of skin. Our world deserves no less than this.

  4. I posted my own poem addressing this last night – how McCain’s camp will say anything, no matter how disgusting, how low. This from a man who refused to utter a word against American while a POW when doing so would have meant he walked free. How the mighty have fallen.

    You can read my poem at It’s call Maverick Missing.

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