Where are the people talking about the mental illness factor that accompanies the whipping up of masses into a frenzied comtempt and hatred, repeatedly? Sarah Palin has incited her rallies to potential hate crimes in the future. To emotionally charge crowds with word-connection mind programming is to increase the potential for harm for Senator Obama. I have worked with forensic mentally-ill patients for over twenty years. What Palin is doing is telegraphing signals to possible psychotic entities. These will grow stronger and some will be unable to shake the “fixed delusions” that are being deposited within their minds during Sarah Palin’s stump speeches. What is wrong with Governor Sarah Palin? Why hasn’t she understood the concept that “inciting hate crimes” is a no-no? Is SHE that much of an outsider? These people lauding Sarah Palin are some of the very ones who might make up Palin’s post-election vigilante squad. Senator McCain has got to reel her in and set boundaries.  Is McCain’s honor worth so little to him, now? They are both going to be called to task for holding public rallies-for the highest positions in the land-which incite hate crimes. Point blank.

I suggest to you that the Secret Service’s job to Protect Obama will have been made exponentially harder because of McCain and Palin’s repetive litanies which many at their rallies believe. The adage, “people in glass houses should not throw stones” has no meaning here. The McCain-Palin campaign was looking for something, anything to explain why they are losing. They have called Senator Obama the antichrist. I suggest they read up on the disclosure of the antichrist in the King Jame’s Version. What does”he is not like one of us” or “that one” actually engender? It is code for he is not white, he has an African name, he did know Bill Ayers, and he COULD BE a one-man terrorist. This is the most desperate connect-a-dot-reasoning that I have ever heard from someone who might one day be a heart beat away from the Presidency.

If any evil should befall Senator Obama, I believe investigations should all lead back to the Governor Sarah Palin rallies, to the vigilante crowds, shouts of, “terrorist, kill him, treason, etc” These are statments made with flawed deductive reasonings-being addressed to who knows-what-mentally-unbalanced people  in the crowds. Sarah Palin does not understand civil rights. She does not understand what type of hate-filled speech has had a legal counterpart due to attacks on blacks, Jews and gays. The Anti Defamation League should be VERY concerned about Sarah Palin. Blacks now… Jews later. This should not be happening in 2008.  Senator McCain, she is taking you down and fast. Oh by the way, I see that both McCain and Sarah Palin got re-energized in Sedona, the New Age Capitol of the United States. Governor Palin, are you channeling Dorian Gray? Your appearance belies the ugliness of your utterly distorted version of truth.

Alice Parris


  1. Pleeeeease, Obama thugs are the ones doing to “in you face’ tactics. I have already filed a complaint due to ACORN whom Obama funds to get out the vote….

    BTW, Obama has got to come clean about his past.

  2. May God richly bless you with all things, In Jesus name. May you be delivered from your hatred. May the scales on your eyes fall off. Sarah Palin has made her way by steam-rolling politicians in Alaska, just as she is trying to do here. She will not prevail. Oh by the way “thugs” is a racially-tinged word. Try not to be a bigot, it is unfruitful.
    Blessings 7 peace,
    Alice Parris

  3. Dear Helen,

    The present vitriol has been very disturbing to me. How many times have we heard about the recluse in the basement working on his homocidal delusion. It is just too much and it needs to be stopped and NOW!
    Thanks for your vote of confidence. Together we labor to have a world free from war, hatred and violence.
    Alice Parris

  4. I was in a drive-thru line to pick up some lunch today, and I saw the impact of Palin and McCain’s endorsement of hatred and hate-speak firsthand. I have an Obama bumper sticker on my car, and the individual behind me didn’t like it and decided to let me know just how much he didn’t like it. I wrote a short poem about the experience on my blog today entitled “Fast Food Politics.” Scary stuff.

  5. I am so sorry that you have experienced this irrational behavior. Senator John McCain has tried to calm these crowds but to no avail. It has finally occured to him that the whipping into a frenzy will appeal to a fringe element capable of harrassment or violence. The secret Service should sit them both down and tell them the dire sceranios which could be played out upon any and everyone. If I were you, I would report it.l Because now it seems that no longer is just the Biden-Obama campaign in danger, but so are his supporters. I would chill on that sticker for awhile. I commented on your poem.
    Blessings 7 peace,
    Alice Parris

  6. Good for you. Brave and forward thinking. My age belies me. I was 17 when I heard of the assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I knew where I was when I heard of the assasination of John and Robert Kennedy. I remember when I heard about Malcolm X.

    Once when I was in Scandanavia, in transit, I was taken off of a plane in Luxemborg, and frisked because I was sporting an afro and they needed to make sure that I wasn’t Angela Davis. I know about the systematic demise of California’s Black Panther Party and the sad last days of Huey P. Newton. i remember when my father, a physician was told by gas station attendants that he could not use their restroom after he had filled his new Cadillac with gas.

    I lived in Scottsdale, Arizona for 25 years. My eyes have seen too much. Continue to be fearless and strong. The change is about your future, my childrens and my grandchildrens. I am so happy that you were undaunted in your support. Stay strong.
    Blessings 7 peace,
    Alice Parris

  7. dear Poetgrin,
    I have heard it rumored that several black people have been punked and even shot wearing Obama T-shirts in Nashville, TN. Be low key-not in your face . Then, on November 4th vote-your pockets. It appears as if a race war may be on the horizon.
    Blessings 7 peace.
    Alice Parris

  8. You speak of a fear that I have; however, tonight, I ventured to the Arkansas State Fair and I proudly wore my Obama pin. I was on the lookout for any negative reaction, just for my own personal safety, but, thankfully, I was received warmly, as if my neighbors shared support for Obama creates a bond of kinship with me – that’s what it feels like. I returned home tonight heartened. Yes, Obama’s looming victory brings out evil within America; but also it brings out the best. I feel a shared sense of love and yes, of hope. You are, of course, correct. I – we – must be smart. But tonight I saw love. I pray love defeats fear and ignorance.

  9. Amen! I am in complete agreement with you. I am so happy that your experience was positive. What kind of country would America be if we could no longer express our support of candidates as we have in the past?The Lord is with you. You are as bold as a lion. I am proud to know you.
    Continue to walk in your undaunted faith and in love.
    Alice Parris

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