It is doubtful whether or not McCain or Palin know what will be the aftermath of their “great racial divide.” Sarah Palin, who seems unfamiliar with cultures other than white and Eskimo, has succeeded in kicking up a brutal, underlying spirit of division, hatred; perhaps even murder. In Nashville,  during the Belmont debate, a black man was shot three times (with a BB gun) after being stalked by a “skin-head,” for wearing an Obama t-shirt.  One of these bullets hit his face. He survived. What McCain and Palin might not know is that for decades the Aryan Nation and white supremists have been waiting for a “race war.” I am sure that they feel that the time has come with Obama’s bid for presidency, and the excitement of the minority vote.  Here in Nashville, a black youth, proudly wearing an Obama t-shirt was told by an older Southern white man, ” take off that shirt, boy, there is never gonna be a black man as president.”

Do the Republican candidates, in their desperate attempts to keep a sinking ticket afloat, realize what they have unleashed? Sarah Palin has tapped into the ugliest spirit of hatred and murder that we have seen since the Civil Rights movement. She stepped out of the pages in time and laid a line of division, from which we will all have to heal. Now, should Obama win, how many of these people, who are running to buy guns, are  homocidal? The Obama assasination plot was hatched here in Tennessee. The freedoms that we seek in our privacy cannot be realized because of all of the screw-ball-racist-would-be-assassins that have been stirred up.

How much will it cost the Secret Service to protect a President Obama and his family? Conversly, black people will go ballistic if they feel that the election was stolen from Obama by McCain-Palin. How rabid, we do not know. Some of the young people who are voting for the first time have grown up on a diet of “gangsta rap,” and also have lived this lifestyle. They have invested themselves and their identities into Senator Obama. Who will take this away from them? Not this time, not without an incalculable blacklash.

At the McCain campaign rallies, where the attendees are John McCain’s “fellow prisoners,” we see and hear the virulent “shot-gun” politics which have its attendees with blood in their eyes. The effects of McCain-Palin tapping into the “lesser angels” of the people is something that the nation will have to deal with for a long time. This campaign itself has been very long. The Clinton camp went through the grieving process for awhile before joining with Obama for a unified Democratic party. How long will it take the McCain-Palinites to recover from defeat?

I say defeat because Senator John McCain always talks about fighting. All the time. Hmmm… Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, unattended. His anger is legendary and ugly. He should receive psychological help. Would anyone be able to survive being a POW for five years without Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? So, the fearless leader of the Republican ticket needs therapy. His side-kick, Governor Sarah Palin needs ethnic diversity sensitivity training. Her star will fade. She is not worthy of it. Talk about a polarizing figure. She’s not worthy to tie Senator Hiliary Clinton’s shoes, let alone finish shattering that glass ceiling!

If anything violent happens to Barack Obama, a civil war will ensue. There will be no winners here. Should the Republicans have a hard time moving on, the fringe element that Sarah Palin plays so well to, are capable of violence in the name of God. I have heard repeatedly that these people believe that Obama is the antichrist. I suggest that they reference the Bible carefully. They have no idea what they are talking about. Perhaps, we were not concerned enough when the disturbed young lady carved a “B” into her own face and made a false police report. This is a throw back to when a white  woman who alleged rape at a black man’s hands, resulted in a lynching. Sometimes, it was something as simple as an “uppity’ glance her way.

Why has Sarah Palin been allowed to tap into the ugliest hatred in a country where racism bubbles heatedly under the shallow ground? Why didn’t Senator McCain understand the fury that she had unleashed? There will be backlashes on both sides of this great divide. As I live and breathe, the paradigm shift in America is here and no amount of hate or violence will stop its momentum. The days of putting fear into black voters, in order to keep them away from the polls, are over. The days of throw everything including the “kitchen-sink” campaigning are over. The days of unbridled, unpenalized bigotry are over.

Republicans, step lightly. I advise you to do everything within your power to keep President Obama alive and well… The nation must heal on so many levels, and we are ill-prepared for the possible chaos of the race reaction post November 4th, just as we were when the levees broke in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina.

Alice Parris


17 responses to “RACE REACTION POST 11/04/08

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  2. Dear Clare,
    It is my pleasure. Feel free to link to this site. It is not easy to boldy speak things that some people just think or talk out loud among themselves. I have no such filter, no such fear. I am just happy that perhaps we call all count the cost of failure to bridge the great divide
    and listen to the “better angels” of our nature.
    Blessings 7 peace,
    Alice Parris

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  4. Hey, Auntie-
    Mom just told me you had a new post. The truth is powerful, indeed…
    You continue to inspire me. In between your posts, “the silence is deafening.” (: I will get back to work and ref. and/or link this.

  5. Dear E,
    I am glad that there are people out there that recognize truth when they see, hear or rread it. The spirit of error is released into the world and only the very elect will be able to withstand the “siren-song” of it. I am so happy that you are doing well on your blog and that I inspire you. I only write when I am inspired to do so. To write without inspiration is the valley of dry bones, indeed. That is why there are pauses between posts. The Spirit of the Lord will have something bubbling up inside me. It takes on form when I sit down and he allows me to flesh out what has been deposited within my spirit. I love you and your family deeply.
    P.S. Connect to this link. I don’t know how to do it either. My friend who has a fabulous post, Windows Towards The World has added your blog to her list of bloggers. Check Helen Losse out!

  6. Dearest Helen,

    I can’t always get the order of the comments right and so this response will not be in sequence. My niece, in the entry above wants to link with me. I told her that you added her as a blogger. Her prospective from overseas should be fresher than ours-we are in the thick of it. Thank you for all of your love and support. After this election, perhaps I will begin to write poetry again. I have not been so inspired since Martin Luther King Jr’s holiday. It was then that I realized that I needed to pray and blog for the change we need- like rain in a deep drought.

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  8. Another post full of painful and powerful truth.

    I’ll let hope overcome fear one more day… I am so excited about tomorrow’s potential I doubt sleep will come tonight. Tuesday’s twilight will bring an acceptance speech from President-Elect Obama and a beautiful, new page America’s story.

  9. Dear Poetgrin,
    I am so excited that I cannot even watch the news. I agree with you. I have spent 18 years working with forensic psychiatric patients and being a Psychiatric Nursing Supervisor, I have been trained to troubleshoot. My mind does it automatically- I will go to the weakest link and assess the risk factor. These are “the best of times and the worst of times.” Literary reference. I know that there will be a President Obama. I am concerned with keeping him safe. When this election is over, we should do all that we can to talk down fellow citizens who have bought into very dangerous lies about Senator Obama. This will help shorten the grieving process. The radical fringe element is something that the proper organizations will have to keep from executing lethal plots.
    Much respect,
    Alice Parris

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  11. For me, the result of this election serves as an unmistakable rebuke to the horrendously ugly and inept presidential campaign that McCain-Palin have conducted. Both of them, especially Palin, tapped into the absolutely basest instincts of their “base.” When I read some of the blogs on the internet accusing Obama of being a Muslim, Communist, terrorist, etc., it is truly scary!! They have really bought into all the nonsense spouted about him, seemingly without questioning the absurdity and contradictions of their own remarks. Fortunately, most Americans resoundingly rejected this hatred.

    I listened to President-elect Obama’s speech and was totally uplifted. I know that he has a lot of issues to deal with, and as an American citizen, I wish him much success.

  12. Dear Helen,

    A well-presented piece on your Windows Towards The World. I know that you have been a scholar regarding the writings of Dr. Martin Luther King. We see how prophetic his words are… how they ring truth and hope for all of us. Let us continue in a spirit of unity and refuse to fan flames of sedition and back-room plotting to derail our new President. Let us be wonderful examples as the Obamas and Bidens are. We can work together if the people are allowed to. I pray that the spirit of division which drove the earlier wedge will be bound for the entirety of the Obama
    Love, Alice

  13. Dear Poetgrin,

    this is one fo the finest and most comprehensive assessment of our past, present and future as a people. It is a beautiful piece and should be widely disseminated, especially now. It is a latern and a light. It is the tale of one America. The American that we have chosen as our future.
    Alice Parris

  14. Dear Anne,

    Sorry, I can’t really get the replies to coincide with the comment. Haven’t exactly mastered that part of it. You felt what I felt and yes the people rejected it. Starting today, the head of the RNC declared that the Republicans must fight our new president-elect. It all seems too absurd to exist. This should not EVER have been about power. It should have always been about the people. We must continue to reject the spirit of division that has already reared its ugly head. We must continue to blog the truth in love, and in power.
    Blessings 7 peace,
    Alice Parris

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