While sleeping,  I was given pure knowledge or revelation about what God is about to do. It could be called a “night-vision,” but there were no images neither symbols given. It was given as pure knowledge. Pure knowledge is a “panoramic” understanding of  something without the use of words or images. Throughout my life, God has interrupted whatever I was doing to let me know what He was about to do. I do not lightly share this information.

“God is about to do some unusual things upon the earth. These will be things for which there is no precedent, type nor shadow. There will be unusual healings, unusual deliverances, unusual sufferings and plagues.   Prepare yourselves.  Go through the straight-gate.”

Alice Parris


  1. Hi Alice, I love your new photo. I am trying to do as you say – prepare myself for the times to comes. I amtrying to create a personal and a shared peace. May God’s grace fall upon us and give us strength.

    • Dear Helen,
      So am I. So many areas lacking the temperance required… Thank God that His Spirit of truth does the perfecting work. We need but be close by and we will know what part we must play to get the perfecting work done. I had four areas of intemperance. I have worked on these, been tested, failed a few times, been tested again, failed not as often and so it goes on. We are not to have a spot or a wrinkle. Tall order but thank God for His grace and mercy. Thank you, Helen. You have been a steadfast friend. I love you.

  2. I so appreciate you sharing something so personal and powerful. You’ve put things in perspective for me on this beautiful, cold, sunny Sunday morning.

  3. Dear poetgrin,
    I think we have seen an unusual deliverance already:airplane landing on the Hudson with no fatalities. I do so appreciate your support.
    Blessings 7,
    Alice Parris

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