I have held my peace during the post-election/inaugural period. Now, the Republicans have attempted to pepper the people with fears of an incompetent Obama administration.  Now, the Republicans say that they want a stimulus bill, they just don’t want a huge mistake that the tax payer will be weighed down with for countless years to come.  News flash…honest, working people pay their taxes year in and year out. They will continue to pay them until they stop breathing. The wealthy have been shown to skirt this ritual with unusual success.

Now,  former Vice-President Cheney is conducting interviews from what looked like a utility closet. Cheney,  an irrelevant by-word, is not a prophet. He is a reptilian.  His job is to keep the masses in fear and convince them that they are constantly unsafe. How dare he continue to espouse these opinions in an authoritative manner when he is just as much a private a citizen as the rest of us?  The paranoid-megaphone, Rush Limbaugh, is able to get twenty million people to listen to his convoluted thinking while he speaks with a drug-addled mind. Also, let us not forget:  Limbaugh failed with his “plan chaos” strategy. 

McCain’s poor judgement has now become a well-spring of wisdom? Former President Bush escaped into the Texas suburbs, disgraced. Karl Rove is balancing on a wire. The Republican party is still unable to manage through the grieving process. They still place daily offerings at the feet of their idol, Ronald Regan.  They do not care for the American people. They care for the rich among them. They also want to stop the prosecution of their fearless leaders for their plethera of clandestine,  heinous acts.

Now, the truth: this stimulus bill will begin to stave off hemorrhaging from multiple sites of the economy in order to sustain life.  If there is NO attempt to stop the bleeding,  the people will suffer far more than the continuance of their quarterly/yearly tax ordeal. The Republicans are NOT thinking about average citizens. They LIE!! They just want Obama to fail because his success will exact a high price upon their party. They will wander in the proverbial wilderness for many years to come. Michael Steele will not be able to save the day.

What is left of the Republican party,  has decided that the best way regain control is to pattern themselves as insurgents (using the pattern of terrorists) in order to topple the Obama presidency. The term bipartisan is a dirty word to them. They want a complete destruction of President Obama. Our new President held out an olive branch to them and they responded by holding out a fistful of poison oak.  They mistook President Obama’s kindness for weakness- big mistake!

They will fail. Their false-front shall fail. Every thing that they set their hands to do will fail. Oh, Rush, you cannot curse what God has already blessed. This is very Old Testament. With all of your listeners, and all of your money, you will fail. You are not a righteous man. You may have deceived many, but God knows the intentions of your heart.  It is not for the good of the people of the United States of America.  It is for the good of your diluted, compromised Republican party. There is a special judgement with your name on it.  Since you peddle fear,  sudden fear shall be your portion.

Alice Parris


    • There are as many arguments for drinking coffee as there are for not drinking coffee. Disagreement or not, you have a gentle spirit. Alice is an old fashioned name. I was named Alice after my grandmother, Alice Cooper. It is not a name that I would have chosen for myself. I always thought it associated with the bizarre as well as plain- that is until I read its meaning which is “noble” or “truthful.” Of course this depends upon which book you read. Thank you, about the hat. I am allergic to direct sunlight. Never leave home during hot, cloudless days without it! It is made of Raffia fibers which are found only in Madagascar. The is purely functional. Raffia fibers contain a natural sunscreen. I am also allergic to sunscreen. It has been my distinct pleasure to have agreed to disagree with you.
      Blessings 7 peace,
      Alice Parris

    • Dearest Helen,
      You have been and continue to be a true friend as well as an effective harbinger of peace. What are the chances that we two would have found each other in such a weary world -without having bought into the mass mind? I love you too, dear friend!

    • Dear Helen,
      Prayers have wings. I am strengthened. It is not yet my time to go. There must be many more voices pushing back against
      the dark propaganda targeting this fledgling administration. It is some of the most viscious misleading I have ever seen.
      I wrote this particular blog after I had a dream about what was going on. When it comes to something so serious, I hear,
      then I write. I never presume nor do I speak out before I have been shown the “big picture” by the Lord. It has taken many
      years for Him to train me to hear and obey. Thank you for all of your prayers and loving concern.
      Love, Alice

  1. My problem with the so-called stimulus plan is that it cut women from the equation. This is a jobz-for-boyz plan that does not address the deep divisions of wealth and opportunity that exist between men and women. Moreover, it requires that all employers use the federal employees checker to make sure no undesirables get a job. I think the Republicans failed America deeply in the last admin. They caused the US to crash. But I don’t see the Dems building it back up like they should be. They signed on to Bush’s stimulus package which handed over even more money to the people who ran the country into the ground in the first place. If Wall Street so believed in a free market, why not let them have it free–free fall? We need to regulate credit, give people interest deductions on their taxes like there used to be, and reinstate usury laws (thanks, Jimmy Carter, for undoing that). I am running out of hope.

  2. Alice, You ask, “What are the chances that we two would have found each other in such a weary world -without having bought into the mass mind? ” to which, I’d reply, about 100%, knowing God as we do. Peace and Love, Helen

  3. Submitted on 2009/02/07 at 10:23pm
    Dear Carrisa,
    You are well informed, indeed. You are right regarding the wasted bail-out of Wall Street. We have seen nothing but excess and
    shielding of activity from the TARP. This stimulus bill will be broken down and rebuilt-not to everyone’s liking. This stimulus plan, in
    the end, will be far from perfect. It might seem like a drop in the bucket. To do nothing is certain destruction. Your ideas should be
    blogged on Huffington Post where the very people who need to hear your suggestions will read them. We, the people, have been
    hoodwinked and bamboozled. Coming to consensus is a very painful and lengthy process. Hopefully, the final bill will contain some
    remedy for everyone. The new Obama administration should be given a chance. It is wicked for any American to try to sabatoge
    his newly forming administration. His administration should only be judged by its fruit. There has not been enough time to even
    see fruit. The obstructionists want to destroy the roots, trunk, branches, so that there will be NO fruit. Not gonna happen.

  4. It’s interesting reading these comments. And it’s very, very kind of you, Alice, to describe me as having a “gentle spirit.” I write my blog from rather the opposite point of view from yours. I have voted Republican for quite some time now, though I did not vote for Reagan and now I wish I had.

    Anyway, all my friends are Dems (I live near Washington DC) and it saddens me to discover how little some of my friends know about Republican ideals. Many of my friends don’t know I’m a Republican, and I really only discuss politics with very close friends — again Dems — who are broadminded. I think lots of other Republicans in majority Democratic regions keep their politics to themselves, too, expressing their views in the ballot booth having become weary of the rhetoric.

    So, on my blog I sometimes express political ideas. Though I must say, that I have a hard time keeping my rhetoric in line. Politics has become so divisive in the last generation. During the Reagan years, I worked in an office with (I think) mostly Dem co-workers — we certainly were less preoccupied with labels than people seem to be now — and everyone was cordial and politics was infrequently discussed. Now people feel they must wear politics on their sleeve, no corner of life can be simply and quietly lived without it’s having some party significance, and so on.

    Alice, we do have one thing in comment that we both love jazz music. And we both like your choice in hats. And I suspect that we enjoy many other things in common as well. At my blog, I’ve hoped (it’s pretty much of a new blog) to try showing people that “Republicans” are not some stereotype. They are simply another political point of view. I try to direct attention to lots of other topics besides politics there. And really I would like to shift attention away from politics while allowing politics to have some space among the ideas.

    Also, I would hope that at my blog and in other places throughout the internet people will seek ways of understanding other points of view. Understanding is quite a different thing than taking sides. You can disagree with people while understanding and having sympathy for their concerns. When we label people and marginalize them, we really short-change ourselves. The world is such a large, capacious place — so full of wonders, so rich in experiences — it seems a shame to close oneself off from all of that.

    Anyway, we live in a much more global market place. If Americans cannot understand each other, how on earth do they suppose they will understand people in very different, faraway cultures?

    Thanks, so much for your kind, gracious answer. And for the record, I love coffee! So mea culpa!

    Best wishes, Anns New Friend

  5. Dear Ann,
    Civility costs us nothing. I agree that the divisiveness that has seized this nation is palpable. I wish that it were not so. It seems as if some giant boil was fulminating just below the earth’s surface and erupted in this present election cycle. I do understand your reticence to discuss politics in the workplace. The temper will flare regarding politics and religion faster than anything else according to conventional wisdom. Nevertheless, we must speak out if we feel that what we are saying will make a difference in even one person being able to see through another’s eyes.

    I lived for twenty-five years in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have lived among some of the wealthiest among us. I understand the mindset and I understand the fear of change. In this case, the real change came in a neat little box with a ribbon on it called “massive debt.” All of our lifestyles have changed because of the shattering of the economic homeostasis of our country-in fact our world. I wish that the world we now live in would be a different place. It is not. Fear finds differences. Faith finds friends.

    Your friend,
    Alice Parris

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