I want to remind everyone about the Word of Wisdom blogged December 22th, 2008,  in which I spoke of unusual deliverances (airplane on the Hudson river in January) as well as unusual sufferings and plagues (the swine flu which will rock the world. However this particular swine flu is not partial to the elderly. This is an “unusual” marker,  since the elderly are a vulnerable group for flu viruses ) Avian flu will continue to mutate, jumping over to other species faster than world scientists can create vaccines. There will be mergers of flu strains as well as other unusual plagues which will soon come to light.

Usually, those who do not have medical care, the elderly, the young, those with weakened immune systems could succumb to epidemics and pandemics. Look for the atypical factor. The rest of what was spoken, will also come to pass.  Take a look at what was written a few blogs ago.  The entry was December 22th, 2008.  Read the remainder of the blog. There will be more unusual deliverances and also unusual healings.  Everyone needs to do some personal introspection. Nobody wants to be a casualty of the events scheduled to come; hell is coming.


Alice Parris