I would that I could use my pen as a guillotine and chop off the  head of Jezebel; making her the Marie Antoinette of the millenium. She bears an ancient name, but is is very much alive in our present time. She is a spirit and spirits never die. Yes, she has re-invented herself; Isis, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Venus , Diana and a plethera of other boring epithets. Her origins are as old as Babel and her “Ahabs” appear  as weak as Nimrod. She is the female diety who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Yes, she will rise in power and shall drink the blood of the prophets from their own skulls.

How I loathe her! In her pomp and circumstance , she has declared herself  “Queen of Heaven” much to Mary’s chagrin. She was never overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. Her shadow is the unholy spirit. She is Satan’s counterfeit. She is all that is unholy in womanhood. She is the False Bride. The Bride of the Antichrist. Since Satan is neither creator or creative, he can only emulate what God has done. She is his bright and victorious invention. She hurls many bold threats and and conjures up fear at every turn. Being incarnate, the judgements upon her shall be the reminder of “she who sits as a queen” and says “no one knows my name.”( Isaiah ch 47 vs 8-15)  She is the talk of the town. She creates her own rules and has mesmerized the masses. She is forgiven her many transgressions.They are blinded by her beauty. They continue to give her platforms from which to shoot her poisoned arrows.

She gathers up the conquered; dragging their bodies away from their bloody, separated feet. She stands before her king in triumph. Inwardly, she smiles. She did not have to use more than one or two of the arrows in her quiver-a quiver full of lies, fear and intimidation. She smiles because she has many more arrows to use. What a mighty huntress she is!  Her king’s eyes glistened with the lust remniscent of a python swallowing its encircled victims whole. He declares,”Well done, my dear. You are in rare form.” He was, of course, referring to her creative guises and endless re-inventions of herself. She is satisfied with her sorceries and bloodied carcasses. She feasts upon the hearts and minds of her “targets’  on plates of pure gold encrusted with dragon-eyed rubies. There is no more satisfying way to gorge upon the souls of many righteous men.

Alice Parris

6 responses to “THE SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL

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    • Thanks for carrying this piece of writing on your site. I think that it is extremely important to know that powers
      of darkness do not wear red horns neither blood red lipstick. They are attractive and not easily identified. They
      do not fit into any box. The uniqueness of their shape or brand is enough to mesmerize and gain consent. It is
      easy to jump on the bandwagon of something deemed “refreshing” when a very old demonic power has just had
      a face-lift and a great PR team.

    • I am happy to see the information about the SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL being disseminated. It is important to know what lies behind
      the mask. In these times, darkness is not as easily discerned. We must be aware lest we be seduced and deceived by their
      great PR campaign unleashed upon mankind.

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