Yesterday, a friend of mine from Arizona told me of the following encounter:  two men and two women, who live on reservations  but work in Phoenix, were expressing outrage over the possibility of being hassled because they look Hispanic. There are twenty-one federally recognized tribes in Arizona. There are 250,000 Native Americans in Arizona.  Reservations and Tribal Communities comprise one fourth of Arizona lands.  This “stop & hassle” law will lead to problems with the original Natives of this country. This is but one aspect of the intrinsic savagery of this moribund legislation.

 Alice Parris

Alice Parris descendant of The Haliwa-Saponi Tribe, NC

Alice Parris descendant of The Haliwa-Saponi Tribe, NC


  1. Boycott Arizona, the Nazi State -> 70% population anti-immigrants (mostly whites) according to polls. Let’s remember that whites are also “immigrants”. I am not against whites, I’m against racists, and unfortunately many people in this state are racist.

    • It is very sad what has become of Arizona. I have not lived there since 2006, but there was a change in the air after 9/11. The state
      was known to be financially strapped. Crime began to increase. There highly educated enclaves of Nigerians in Phoenix. Will those educators
      with Ph.D’s and accents also be asked to stop teaching in schools as well? It is rumored that solar is also being banned. Who will be the next
      target? I am concerned about the concealed weapons being allowed in restaurants and bars. Bad, bad mixture. There
      were always gaggles of skin-head & Aryan Nation types there. I was not surprised about the zealous militias and the headline-hunter,
      Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s personal enjoyment of cornering illegal immigrants. It is like the wild, wild West all over again. We’re just waiting for the
      next show-down & shoot out!

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