Let’s start with the exuberance that Sarah Palin has had since she believes that President Obama has “lost his Presidency” since he has “lost the support of Chris Matthews, James Carville and Donna Brazille.” One,  a sincere enviromentalist (who has been enjoying the limelight in the wake of his recent anti-Obama remarks) and the other two are Louisianans. Everyone is concerned about the BP oil spill. It is catasrophic. However, how can a large portion of the country talk about the Obama “take over of the country” and the other half talk about why hasn’t Obama “taken over” the BP oil spill?  Psychologically, this is a paralyzing situation. Not just politically, but for Barack Obama, the man.  He has been put into a box by both sides of the media; expected to walk on water by the left, as if he were Jesus Christ. On the right, he is painted as the antichrist. A bushell of bloody horse manure!

Who would want to be the President of this ungrateful country? President Obama is busy putting out multiple fires on any given day and that having been not enough.  Even God rested on the seventh day!  What kind of crap is this? Sarah Palin should keep her lying mouth shut.  She gets a pass because many men like her legs. She has the I.Q. of a Tsetse Fly.  She sank the Republican election in 2008. It was not John McCain. She is just a better spin master. She spins all things into gold for Palin. That’s what she is all about, all the time. She has been unleashed to spearhead a race war in the lower forty-eight. The ill-wind from the North that blew her down here, should blow her back. Oh, I forgot, they don’t like her  in Alaska. Sarah Palin should stop getting a pass on her web of lies. Her quiting of politics for financial gain should be in her face day and night. She should never be allowed legitimacy by virtue of her “clever spinning.” She may fool many, but in the end, she shall wind up like  “The Picture Of Dorian Gray” for everyone to see her soul.

Alice Parris


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment on my brief blog. I am primarily a poet/lyricist, but sometimes my blood boils from a constant diet of political poppycock. I enjoyed your blog and will continue to visit it. Your blog is doing a wonderful service for those who worship at the alter of “barely-there-veneers” and for those who don’t. Blessings 7 peace, Alice Parris

  1. After reading this I find out why our country is in bad shape people like you cannot see right.Palin had plans like McCain to stop spending stop these outrageous company bonuses. I would love to be working again just as 700,000, people would. Jobs are nowhere people that have money are not even paying the price for the labor they perform. Their excuse can i get a discount or can I wait to pay you when I get my check next week but yet have money for a new car from the stimulus money acquired from free ride obama.Bottom line is gas is still going up. Jobs are going down.Companies are still making record profits and were still getting nowhere. People that put him in are blind and shouldnt be allowed to vote!!! obama from before he got elected said He was an american jew. Ask the jews how many black jews there were on the train!!! Right there is enouph to not put him in plus him being a muslim. Open your eyes people.

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