Voluminous, gray clouds
part the skies on either side.
It is not clear when deluge begins.

Now, nothing but more of the
ominous, charcoal sky-bison.
I feel the quickening in my veins
of remembrance; rain-makers
chanting. No longer is there need.

The wagons- circled & surrounded.
Tumble-weed clouds are rolling over.

I am the watcher.

Nature has cried out against our
blasphemies against her. She has
openly declared war.

Her weapons; the elements.
Battle-fierce against enemies.
She is unstoppable. She topples.

The whole bloody lot; ground-gaping,
earth-quaking. Unpredictable tides,
storms, tornados, hurricanes & fires.

We talk, yet do nothing to appease.
Move quickly to right the wrongs:

the asphalt & concrete erected
has been assigned to bludgeon us.

No measure of peace is too small.
The covenent over-arches the wall.

I am the watcher.

Alice Parris


Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU

3 responses to “THE WATCHER

  1. Even if I am in the middle of the worst of it – it’s time, there needs to be a correction.
    Breathtaking Pictures –

  2. It IS time for correction. There will come a time when there is a cut-off on what can be done about the disregard for earth. Many are more interested in the world than in the earth. These are not the same.

    Earlier in one of my blogs, before Haiti & Pakistani floods, I talked about clusters of people-populations large and small passing away. This thinning out will continue. The elements have been responsible for these things.

    This has nothing to do with the latest plagues: super-bug viruses, tainted food, etc. Bedbugs(a hellish blight) are now in real nice hotels. People who can afford to travel are depostiting these creatures into fine hotels world-wide. Not a pretty picture at all.

    I like the fact that you use the “seize the day” moniker. You are a thinker.
    I am a linguist, at heart. I understand ancient history, its language and its symbols. I love period pieces, alot.

    Thank you for commenting on my friend from Australia’s photos. His moniker is “Stony River.” I find him to be exceptional. He sends me photos that are so strange, yet beautiful from AU. I cannot help but to include them with my writings. I will let him know of the compliments that you have so graciously given to him.

    Blessings 7 peace,
    Alice Parris

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