Lucian Battle of Nashville, North Carolina

Alice Parris's great-great grandfatherLaura Battle Richarson in old age

Alice Parris's great-grandmother; Laura Battle RichardsonPlummer Alston Richardson in old age

Alice Parris's great-grandfatherPlummer Alston Richarson in middle age

Alice Parris's great-grandfatherPlummer Alston Richardson’s voting registrationPlummer Richardson's voting registration

Plummer and Laura Richarson with first born, Ethel
Alice Parris's great- grandparents

Lucien Battle was my great-great grandfather on my mother, Norma Richardson’s father’s side. He lived in Nashville, North Carolina. Lucien’s daughter was Laura Battle Richardson. She married Plummer Alston Richardson. Plummer Alston Richardson is shown in his old age. Laura Battle Richardson is shown in her old age. Plummer Alston Richardson is shown in his middle age. Plummer and Laura are shown in their youth, with Laura holding their first born child, Ethel Richardson. Also shown is Plummer Alston Richardson’s voting registration dated in 1902.

According to some family historians, Plummer Alston Richardson left a North Carolina reservation and became a “colored” barber in Nashville, North Carolina. A marriage was brokered by Lucien Battle (Caucasian) for his daughter, Laura (mulatto) to Plummer. Plummer was a European/Native American mixture. During his life, Plummer Alston had become a millionaire from multiple businesses and real estate. What part Lucien Battle played in Plummer’s ascendancy is speculated upon by rumor. His wife, Laura, survived Plummer and lived to be ninety-six years old. This information was not gotten from an ancestry registry. These are the actual photos and documents preserved by the family. Alice Parris


  1. Hi my name is Robert Parris. I am looking for my family tree. I live in Alabama and was wondering if we are relateds. my grandpas name is Charly or Charlie Parris and my greatgrandfathers name is Luther Parris

    • I am a Parris through marriage. Try to contact Bobby Parris at info@ He might know something. His dad was from Oklahoma…the Osage tribe and black. I am sure they originated in the South like we all did Peace 7, Alice Parris

  2. TEARS….TEARS….are actually rolling down my cheeks as I write!! OMG….first I have to say thank you for ever having posted these pix. The reason I’m crying is because I have been doing family research. Do you know, I was just 4 weeks ago, standing over Plummer’s grave, having found it in the old Af.-Amercican cemetary in Nashville. I just happened to google Lucien Battles name and found your site. Nothing but providence!!!! I am your disssstannnnt cousin I suppose…My Great Grandfather was Benjamin Franklin Richardson, Plummer’s brother. There is so little written info about our family and the Plummer line seems to be the best source. My father even remembers Plummer coming to his house as a child. I would love to have some discussion with you through email if at all possible. I thought I would never see any pix like these. I have one of Ben as well. Please contact me cuz!!

    • We might be related on the Cooper side of the family as well. Contact me: I would be happy to tell you what I know. I have 400 missing years on the Cooper side. My grandmother was Alice Adelia Cooper. Her mother was Alice Virginia Cooper.
      I believe that my grandmother’s father was a pastor/preacher and her uncle was an evangelist. Her brother’s name was Armstead.
      Let’s do get it sorted out. Much love, cuzz.. Alice p.s. a compelling subject line will result in a prompt reply.

  3. Hello My name is Tracie Battle and I am the Great Great grand daughter of lucien and Patsy Battle is My Great grandmother and her son Elridge Battle is my grandfather and Niecey was my great great grandmother and John Dorsey who was married to Patsy was my Great grandfather my mother is Diane Battle the daughter of Pasty Son Elridge Battle and my Grandfather was married to Sapphire Cooper from nash county and her father was Willie Cooper also from nash county.

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