Ethel Richardson firstborn of Plummer & Laura Richardson

Ethel Richarson

Plummer Benjamin Richardson WW I; my grandfather

Plummer Benjamin Richardson-WW I

Richardson’s Funeral Home established in 1918

Richarson Funeral Home hearses-est 1918

Irene Richardson and unidentified suitor

Irene Richarson and unidentified suitor

Irene Richardson

Irene Richarson

Daniel Richardson in his casket

Daniel Richardson in casket

Lucien Richardson WW II

Lucien Richarson- WW II

An older Bernice Richardson

An older Bernice Richardson

These are the children of Plummer Alston Richardson and Laura Battle Richardson. There are two more daughters for whom photos were unavailable for this post. Laura Richardson is not available. Gertrude Richardson is not available. Gertrude Richardson married musician Ernie Freeman. They had several children, one of which was the grammy winning arranger Ernie Freeman who arranged Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers In The Night.” He also arranged for Vicki Carr and other famous singers.

Richardson’s Funeral Home is now a fourth generational business. It was run by my grandfather, Plummer Benjamin Richardson. The business was expanded by my uncle Plummer Armstead Richardson. My cousin Herbie Richarson is also wealthy being invested into and running the first “colored” funeral homes in North Carolina; established in the year 1918.

Alice Parris



  1. Hi Alice,
    This is your cousin, Janis Freeman, Ernie Freeman’s daughter. I must commend and thank you for your research and recording of our family history. I have been trying to research our family history for my children. You have given the best synapse of the family history to date. The generation that would have first hand knowledge of the history are now in their advanced age, it is so important to capture our legacy before we lose it. Thank you for your gift of recording our ancestral history, so our future generations will know their history.

    Janis Freeman

    • I have some contact with relatives from the Battle side who connected with me through I will be in touch.
      I remember you as being from a family of stellar musicians/producers/arrangers. Strangers In The Night played when I was
      in France, as a teenager at an outdoor dance. It was magical for me at thirteen
      Love Alice

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