Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU

About two decade ago, I watched a Jerry Springer show
(before ongoing sexual content of programming) where
White Supremacists talked about a ‘race war’ coming
to our nation. I sat in prophetic churches and from the
pulpit I heard Pastors assert that Lord Jesus was taking
dominion over politics & every level of power in America.

Christian Evangelicals, the Tea Party and hate groups have
jumped into bed with one another. The realization that whites
are becoming the minority in the United States is behind the
plethera of anti-abortion, anti-birth control measures. The
whites only crowd know that without white babies being born,
they will have a Democratic reign without end.  The thinking
is that Alternative Lifestyles ‘threaten’ procreation hence
they are also declared a ‘threat’ to heterosexual marriages.

The North wind brought contagious hatred in the form of Sarah
Palin. With her, the Republican Party has given way to the Tea
Party. The Tea Party has no problem being anti-immigrant and
overtly racist. The Tea Party absorbed a myriad of white power
groups. They are collective. They are rabid in their hatred for
 anyone without white skin. Attacks on individuals of non-white
 minorities are emboldened.  Right Talk venues promote paranoia.

I suggest to you that the shootings in Wisconsin have Michelle
Bachmann’s fingerprints all over it, with her allegations of the
Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘infiltration’ within high level politics.
 This horrible paranoia of  brown skin has sent the Tea Party
and White Supremists groups to initiate all sorts of legislation
on local & state levels seeking to hamstring majority/minorities
voters; making voting difficult for those who take public
transportation or are too old to have birth certificates. Some
shorten early voter registration on the weekend before the
election vote in which entire black congregations have routinely
voted. College students can no longer present their student IDs.

This multi-headed hydra is what is now The New Republican Party.
Strange brew and strange bedfellows working with one goal: to
retain white superiority in the face of changing statistics against
this in America as well as worldwide. No, these players have not
lost their minds. Rather, they are advancing a unified racist plan.

Alice Parris


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    • One correction has to do with the timing of when the program aired on Jerry Springer. Time seems quite inconsequential-rather like a vast eternal expanse. It was more than likely two decades ago, maybe more. There were two young blond haired, blue-eyed identical twin girls being raised to hate. Jerry Springer appeared to be genuinely trying to reason with the guests regarding the spilt over venom. Nothing seemed to penetrate the hate. This is why this particular show lingers in my mind. I know that what I put forth is a vast oversimplification of the bizarre activity which has gripped our nation. I am but a ‘watcher of things.’ It is only when I see common threads running through events over time that I feel the need to share my personal observations. Alice Parris

    • I find the timing very suspect. At the Florida fundraiser, Mitt Romney was asked essentially what would he do if there was an ‘event’ that occurred in the Middle East. Gov. Romney
      said that he would exploit it. Now, is it interesting that a very wealthy supporter would pose a question like that? Yes it is! Is that why Mitt Romney was premature in pouncing on
      Libya before the facts were in? How difficult would it be for a billionaire or billionaires to arrange an attack to try to take away the President’s foreign policy successes? Money
      seems to not be that hard to come by among the likes of Mitt Romney & friends. If there was tampering abroad by billionaires at home, may it all be revealed in Jesus name. Alice Parris

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