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Soulgasm is currently available in eBook format in Kindle Edition and in Google Play. This is a book of poetry which has had  tremendous staying power both in written word and audio CD. This autobiographical poetry book  has sculpted a life of its own;  its verses wearing themselves.

Alice Parris


  1. Hello Alice…I too am a descendant of Plummer Alston Richardson, but I know very little about the family. I really appreciate what you’ve posted regarding he and his wife Laura Battle. I’d like to learn more about the family. You’re welcome to contact me via e-mail at

      • Thank you Alice I am a son of Plummer Armstead Richardson who died last year. I only met him once, nearly 30 years ago, when I was told at 18 he was my biological father. I joined the Air Force at 19 years of age and I served 26 years on active duty. I’ve since retired (2011) and I have a small sports memorabilia shop down in Panama City, Florida. I have great ties with whom I thought was my father and I never wanted my family to feel dispair over my paternity, so I never discussed or made an issue about it. My one regret today is I’m 47 years old and didn’t get a chance to meet Plummer before his passing. The vast information you wrote about concerning Plummer Alston Richardson and Laura Battle was awesome! You even posted pictures and comments regarding my grandparents, Plummer B. Richardson and his wife. At this point of my life, I see no fault at having three families and I want my kids (3 girls & a son) to know their bloodline. There is only so much you can find on Google, so again I appreciate any and everything/ Take care and look forward to hearing from you. v/r Mel Pitt sends

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