This blog will contain my autobiographical notes. They must be done as memory and time will allow. I am presently a poet/singer/songwriter. I was a psychiatric nurse for adolescents. I was a fortune-teller after a long stint as a flower child. I am a baby-boomer with an unusual background and a dysfunctional upbringing. It is my hope that putting together these far-flung pieces will bring closure and heal old wounds.

4 responses to “About

  1. My Dear Alice,

    I hurt with you. I miss you and love you as I always have.

    Oe mistake our fathers did make was not letting us be raised together.

    The Kelly’s were never “all that”. Their deceptions are equal, if not worst than, any other sinner.

    Take comfort in that death comes to all. The “end” of or earthly fathers has come and gone. What will be for our future generations?


    Anthony, Sr., your cousin.

  2. We are cousins. My great great grandfather and great great grandmother were Lucian and Nicey Battle. My great grandmother was Betsey Battle Batchelor, my grandfather was her son Percy. My mother was Jacquelyn Batchelor. I have enjoyed your pictures. I have lifted some from you and I hope that that is okay. Hope to hear from you sometime.

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