New Angel Wings by Shadavar-Stock

New Angel Wings by shadavar-stock


O black angel, 

spread your wings for me.

Deliver me from ghosts and rattling chains,

chants, haunts, and roots, sinking at the bayou’s bottom.


The past with its dried hope and magnolia,

now long-gone; a shattered mirror of forlorn days.


O black angel,

spread your wings

upwards and outwards; sweep from

paradise to heaven. where grass grows emerald,

springing back past the walking on it.

To where joy-filled winds speak mysteries of the ages.


O black angel,

spirit me away to where

gates of pearl open onto streets of gold, like glass.


O black angel,

Uphold me in your massive hands.

Let me look into your piercing eyes, and

see beyond the boundaries of man’s comprehension.

To that place of magnificent, peerless beauty.


O black angel,

carry me in your wings.

Take me to that place where I might

see His body, bloodied and pierced for me.

Behold His face and kiss His nail-scarred hands.



By Alice Parris




Photography By Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU


I can hear the clickity-clack of the many
perfectly-heeled miniature leather shoes,

the swishing of multi-tiered dresses, the carrying
of tiny pocketbooks.  Young men swim in suits,

wear pressed ties from a sealed storage bin.

They are perfectly coiffed as they enter into
the house of reason, malfeasance or treason.

There, where the bell tolls, widows clutch their
pocketbooks, careful of ordained pickpockets.

I watch indifferently, with red puffy eyes

I remember my own personal losses:
losses without funerals.  I cry on Sundays.

Post-congregation parties gather at their local eateries,
in their Sunday’s best.  There, they down syrup-laden
pancakes in hedonistic abandonment.

Bellies are filled to the brim in this ritual,
this careless mocking of starving masses.

I watch with a soul-sadness so deep
that it cannot be named.  I could let out a howl,

but my Maker already understands.  Tears of
flesh-eating rain pour like rivers when

I cry on Sundays.


Alice Parris, Nashville, Tennessee

*First published in the Ann Arbor Review



For me, meeting Kim is what I consider to be serendipity; what is
known as a “happy coincidence.” As it turns out, Kim Fleming’s
mother was my absolutely favorite nursing school instructor at
Tennessee State University, in the mid to late 70’s. She was also
the Director of Nursing when I was hired for my first job after I
graduated. This is the awkward period when I waited for my Board
scores, which would determine if I would, indeed, be a Licensed
Registered Nurse. It is with distinct pleasure, that I write this post.
A few facts that I find most interesting about Kim Fleming’s career
are these: that she sang at two of Wynonna Judd’s weddings, at
Ashley Judd’s wedding in Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. There she
sang “Ave Maria.” She sang at Tammy Wynette’s funeral & Carl Perkins’
funeral (with George Harrison of the Beatles) She has sung for four
Presidents of the United States. What a decidedly rich and diverse career.

Nashville’s Music Industry is all the richer for having Kim Fleming
She has toured with Amy Grant & Wynonna Judd. She has worked
with luminaries such as Patti Labelle, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel
and Stevie Wonder. The list is too numerous for the purpose of the
written portion of this post. I will give a link to Ms. Fleming’s bio at
the end of this post for your perusal( her WordPress blog) Suffice it
to say that her voice has been heard on hundreds of recordings, jingles,
film scores and on Broadway. Kim appears on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel.

Kim is a native of Nashville. She attended Fisk University, Belmont
College & Tennessee State University. Ms. Fleming sang with the Fisk
Jubilee Singers, studied Music Business at Belmont college and earned
a degree from Tennessee State University in Music, Vocal Pedagogy.
Kim Fleming is a singer, songwriter, artist, independent contractor &
the vocal contractor for the Stellar Awards. She is continually being
called upon to lend her voice to recordings in Nashville as well as
perform. She sings with regularity with Nashville bands/venues such
as the Smoking Section, where A list session players get together to delight
all of Nashville & Still Waters, a Christian Light Club Event which takes
place every four months. Kim is asked to perform at different venues all
over the country and the world. I recently saw Ms. Fleming perform in the
Fisk Memorial Chapel at a benefit concert for the Fisk Spring Arts Festival.
She just returned from performing in the New Orleans Jazz Festival 2014.

Currently, Ms. Fleming is working on her debut album which we, who
have been privileged to witness her performances, are waiting for with
joyful anticipation. She has been able to garner standing ovations at
almost all of her performances and commands a room like a rare few.
Her record is being produced and co-written by Aaron Mason, Chris
(Big Dog) Davis and the Hamilton Brothers; Tim, Tyronn, and Walter Jr.
It will be a blend of smooth jazz and smooth R&B with a Neo-soul edge.
Her mentor & inspiration for the album is jazz saxophonist; Joe Johnson
& jazz trumpeter Rod McGaha. I will be announcing the album release date.


(Dr. Matthew Kennedy’s 90th Birthday-Fisk Jubilee Singers) 

(From Integrity Music’s Scripture Memory Album)

(20 Feet From Stardom Q &A)

My Funny Valentine-Kim Fleming with The Hamilton Brothers
(My Funny Valentine with Kim Fleming & The Hamilton Brothers)

Biography: http://www.kimberlyfleming615.wordpress.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kimberly-fleming/16/b36/7a0/

FB: http://www.kimberly.d.fleming.56@facebook.com

Contact email:  kimberlyfleming615@gmail.com 


Alice Parris


B.B. Queen

B.B. Queen

B.B. Queen

B.B. Queen

America’s B.B. Queen CAN play the blues! There are others who lay claim to this name, but no one else but OUR B.B. Queen can deliver the goods. BB is a Detroit native now in Nashville. She started her music career at the young age of five years old; playing her clarinet and entertaining at juke joints with her younger sister and father. She picked up the guitar at thirteen years of age after watching B.B. King and Jimi Hendrix perform on television. She was able to watch the fingers glide, like a time frame within time. It was destiny for B.B. Queen. She was born to play the blues.  As a female guitarist/ vocalist/ entertainer, there is no equal in the blues genre.

Touring extensively from the Midwest to the East Coast to the west coast, 22 city tour in Italy, playing such prestigious venues as The Monterey Bay Blues Festival, Lincoln Center, Universal City Hollywood, BB Kings Club, Appearing 3 times on The Jenny Jones Show, House of Blues Chicago, Motor City Casino, Greek town Casino, Hollywood Park Casino, The Bay Area Delta Blues Festival, KoKo Taylor’s Banquet Hall, Buddy Guy’s Birthday Bash at Legends, Hot August Jam, Shirley Mae’s Kentucky Derby Festival, Dothan Alabama Civic Center, University of Michigan Auditorium, Magic Bag Theater, Bert’s Warehouse, Shaw College Blues Festival, 100th Anniversary Celebration of Idle wild Resort. Hearon Media Employee Retreat-Las Vegas NV, Daisy Theater Memphis Tennessee, WDIA Juke Joint Tour. I Can Play Da Blues Tour.

The legendary Koko Taylor had been a mentor to BB and they co-wrote a song together on B.B. Queen’s Album, “Everybody’s Favorite”(Qualified and Able) of the same title as the album.  Koko Taylor performs with BB putting her signature vocal style on a song entitled;  “Nowhere Road” on this same album. Her current album is entitled, ” I Can Play Da Blues”  B.B. Queen has won a Tennessee Rhythm and Blues Award 2014 and a Midwest Video Nomination 2014; Category: best video blues from the” I Can Play Da Blues” CD  for the crowd pleasing song, “Wobble Wiggle.” B.B. Queen is currently working on a new album co-writing with award winning songwriter/ producer Marshall McQueen in a collaborative effort with Rowe Entertainment in LA.

There are some great things going on for our favorite female guitarist/vocalist/entertainer. Such as: ” The Lady Fingerz Project.”  According to B.B. Queen, “the Lady Fingerz Project’s mission is mainly to draw attention to the fact that I (we) women guitarists are not just novelty items to make the band look good….we are serious and capable players. We sell tickets and are and can be headliners. The Lady Fingerz Project wants to increase the visibility of women guitarists in the music industry. The Lady Fingerz Project will be used as a vehicle to increase our visibility such as Lady Fingerz Concerts, Guitar Retreats, recording opportunities and so much more.

Alice Parris




DevineTaylor 0433 oval2-2

Within Nashville, Tennessee aka Music City, I have found a
jewel.  From every angle of turning, this gem is equally
fascinating.  I am speaking about Devine Taylor aka the
Music Biz Mentor.  Devine Taylor is a music management
consultant.  He has spent 27 years working with a diverse
array of professional level artists and independant musicians
from around the world.  He has the knowledge that is helping
aspiring artists and musicians navigate their way through the
bumpy, ever-changing terrain of the music industry of today.

In his earlier years, Devine Taylor started as a professional
musician and tour manager.  Mr. Taylor has worked directly
with artists such as: Muddy Waters, P. Funk, Tom Cochrane,
and Grammy Award winning “Taste Of Honey.”  Mr. Taylor
was able, through his part ownership of Du North Records, Inc.,
to hone Canadian musicians and artists skills & artistry. Some
acts have gone on to enjoy their success in Europe and Japan.
He is actively involved in the Juno Awards (Canadian Grammy
Awards) not only as a judge and also as a management factor.

Devine Taylor has captivated audiences through the R.E.D.
Sessons and Library Music Series (Nashville ) as host and
Executive Producer .  Today, Devine Taylor is contracted by
various music chains to deliver keynote addresses across the
United States and Canada.  Devine Taylor is Nashville’s own
Music Biz Mentor.  Mr. Taylor is one of those rare individuals
who does not horde his knowledge or make music enthusiasts
knock three times on the door as a code acceptible for entry.
He freely shares information on his Spreecast live chat shows
every Sunday night 9:30 p.m. EST. Don’t miss out! Great stuff!

On Devine Taylor’s Spreecast live chat shows, anyone can
sign up and participate for free.  Mr. Taylor has guests such
as the straight talking, super producer Dave Carlock, who has
worked with various artists such as: Eric Clapton, Blink 182,
Snoop and Pink.  A few show titles include: Music Marketing
101, Managing Your Music Career and Creating A Hit Record.
Participants can submit chat questions for the interview guest.

Of course, this is not the end game.  He will have received
richly-deserved, paying clients from those who would have
drunk freely from this well of comprehensive music business
information.  Devine Taylor aka Music Biz Mentor’s mission
is “to help empower musicians, artists & novices who want
to make money and have a career in the music business.”
Music Biz Mentor’s motto is: “Empower, Educate, Motivate.”  

“Enlightenment  is  not  a credit economy. You must pay in advance.”









Alice Parris

MAMA March 2014






















































































Rumbling dissent ripping open the ground, rippling echos
upon merciless winds, rhythmic drums pounding out the
heart’s anguish over murderers.  Mothers Against Murderers
Association has taken to organizing for their MAMA March 2014.
How many more young lives must be violently ripped away? How
many more bloody, gaping, jaws-of-death must rip out the lives
of our children before something is done? That movement is here.
Mothers Against Murderers are on the move.  MAMA March 2014.

You do not have to be a mother to join this movement. You do not
have to be a mother affected by violence to join this movement, You
don’t have to be a woman to join this movement. But whoever you are,
by all means, join this movement. If you care about the ‘killing fields’
expanding within our nation, in front of our eyes, then you must join.
If you care about or love someone affected by senseless murder, then
join. If you care about your living children, then join. If you care about
your neighbor’s children, then join. If you care about the future of all
of our children, then you must join.

Women have great voting power, which is greater still, in swelling
numbers. Make a difference in this mid-term election year of 2014. Join
all of us with Mothers Against Murderers Association against all of them-
who don’t give a damn about these soulless, relentless, bloody assaults.
Join MAMA March 2014. Website will connect to Facebook and Twitter.



Rains of blood soak the gaping grounds.
Silent are the screams of stoic mothers
forced to wear crow-black dresses, to
bear bloody gashes upon their hearts.

To grieve at depths where no sound can
be heard; utterances of sorrow & despair.
To bear loved ones upon shields of resolve, 
while scarlet slashes remain upon the soul.

This is the testimony of mothers against such
murderers: we will find you, hiding in your lair
of laws. We are gathering. We are on the move.
We are coming.  We march for justice and peace.

Title: Exodus 20:13 NIV
Dedicated to Mothers Against Murderers Association
Alice Parris















By Glenn Parris

We want to read a book that transports us,
that makes us an eye witness to events. We
want detailed characters, clever sequences,
& various twists that lead to near catastrophe.

We want villains to pay for their ruthlessness,
we want our heroes and heroines exceptional,
yet able to compliment each other. We want
quirky characters. We want a guarantee of
non-stop, page-turning intrigue & mystery.

All of these qualilties that we want in our
‘good reads’ can be found in the new novel:
thriller, by Dr. Glenn Parris. He has created
lurking shadows; an underbelly in medicine.

In Glenn Parris’s book, Dr. Jack Wheaton and
Dr. Anita Thomas are exceptional. Khandi’s
ebullient personality provides us with the
‘quirk factor.’ Lucy is villainous. She is ice-cold
in her ruthlessness. The people she works for
are even more so. Pharmaceutical/industrial
greed is fatal as a cure for Fibromyalgia is
within reach,  yet is used as a bargaining chip.

The rich send out killers and mercenaries to
silence Dr. Jack Wheaton & Dr. Anita Thomas.
And so, a great medical thriller has been born.
readers & nudge its way onto the silver screen.

Review by Alice Parris



Dr. Glen Parris is supported in his work by:

National Association of Women Owned Small Businesses, Inc.



Product Details

Soulgasm is currently available in eBook format in Kindle Edition and in Google Play. This is a book of poetry which has had  tremendous staying power both in written word and audio CD. This autobiographical poetry book  has sculpted a life of its own;  its verses wearing themselves.

Alice Parris



Photograph by Stony River/AU


Mercurial amulets melting, flowing lava-like towards
unknown paths. What was once feared is now desired
for its mesmerizing beauty and quick-silver movement.

Fickle are the minds that must be titilated by blowing
winds, ever moving in directions unseen, unknowable.

Just as dangerous are the minds that will never change.

Time, the great mystery, is but a purveyor of fortune;
blessing or cursing.  Hours march as disciplined soldiers.

Minutes heal or slay victims who do slumber; whisking
away to other realms those who will never escape sleep.

Yet, a moment of decision  is the seed capable of glory.



Alice Parris





A flash in the pan, a wisp of smoke,
a broken covenant. What are we to
think of those who become part of

our families, our lives & then opt out;
leaving collateral damage that turns
cold in our veins, at odds with blood?

Are these truly ‘movable feasts’ in our
lives or are they soon to be as ashes
scattered, as time sweeps up all things?

Pomp & ceremony, a white dress & veil.
Will a decade pass without a retraction
of vows? What will have been the point;

to give seed into the world & cut them
into halves? I cannot say for I have been

the greatest covenant breaker of all. I was
not a ‘movable feast’ for any but my blood.
Ice water surely runs through these veins;

not knowing love as it is defined by timeless
romantics.  Disposable, partakers of covenant-
halves, rendered bloody-sure in the severing.

I reaped the whirlwind for my indifference,
lack of contrition. All I know is loyalty and

bloodline. God kept demon-birds away from
my seed with their vengeful, purposed- pecks.
In spite of me,  my seed & offspring are blessed.
Alice Parris