I do not feel that someone sets out to shed innocent blood. It is the result of decisions that lead to the slippery downward slope. So it was with my father, the abortionist: Harold B. Kelly M.D.  I received word yesterday that he had died. There were two sentences about him in the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s obituary section. He was cremated, and if his current wife’s love of money continued, as it had in the past, his ashes are probably in a Folger’s or Crisco can. This was all that remained from a man who was once a generous and kind father. After the divorce from my mother,  his amoral nature overtook him. He actually believed that he was helping the planet with population control. He obviously never forsaw the virus ravaging Africa and the genocides worldwide in the name of ethnic cleansing. He never forsaw the natural disasters that would have dead bodies popping out of above-the-ground- coffins and the living swept away to a watery grave.

When I heard the news, I was numb. The obituary was on November 4th. I had to call the Mortuary establishment to find out the name of the hospital where he died. It took some detective work, but I was able to find out that he was there from October 2nd to November 1st. His family was never notified. His wife, Sue called my father’s niece to tell her about the death and cremation. His siblings, children, granchildren and great-grand children were not able to grieve. We were all shut out. We were never notified. He had suffered some neurological damage months ago (through the grapevine) and was stuck in some nursing home, which we did not know the name or location of.  I  suspect this nursing  home was quite a step down from the home in Shaker Heights, Ohio; a city where he had lived for 50 years. I still do not know the name of the nursing home that sent him to University Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.  Sue, being the next of kin, made sure that none of us knew anything.

What would motivate someone to do something like this? Greed. While my father was alive and crippled with arthritis. Susan made him sign over all of his assets to her with the threat of leaving him, helpless. She made sure that he didn’t have a dime that would have been in probate court. She drained him dry. Now, My mother will have to fight over a court-ordered divorce- decreed life insurance policy, and she will have to fight over a piece of property that was in his and my mother’s name.  There is nothing that Sue would not do to get money. Why does a young woman marry a man thirty years her elder? She is a very white woman of Polish descent with a racist father who never met my father. She was barren and epileptic. She planned everything. My father made over a million dollars a year for ten or fifteen years before he became too ill to work. What did she do with the money? Right now, it is not about the money. It is about how she systematically distanced my father from any one who loved him.

When I finished nursing school, and my father offered me a job.  Sue found out that I was allergic to animals; she immediately bought five cats and two dogs. I had to stay in the adjoining apartment and could not come near my father. I had to move back to Nashville. TN with nothing and eventually lost my son in a custody battle with his father. I was accused of being a witch in a court of law. How bizarre and obscure. This was 1977. I have never heard of such a thing in this century or even the past century. However, it happened to me. I was cleared of these charges, but I had to undergo psychologcal evaluations and spend money for attorney’s fees and the like. I moved to Chicago, to be with my sister, and I settled for having my son at Christmas and during the summers. Sue had pulled a power play, said she was leaving and my father began to weep like a lost child. I told him that I did not want to ruin his life by my presence and that I would leave. My sister gave me plane fare and my father did not give me a dime. I ended up living with my ex-husband and his girlfriend until I could work in nursing and get my own place. I consider the entire episode of losing my son to be directly related to the ploys used by Susan Kelly to get rid of me and my child, while she was just his girl-friend.

There are other disturbing episodes involving my father and Sue. My brother Harold, was three weeks from graduating from medical school at Howard University when he had a nervous breakdown. He never worked as a physician. My father found him in North Carolina, where he was a dish-washer,  promising him a better life if he moved to Cleveland. Within a week, Susan accused my brother of playing music too loud and my father put my mentally-ill brother out of the house in winter (without his clothes, including coat.) Sue let her half-wolf dogs loose to attack my brother. They did not bite him. They did however, later bit Sue in the face which lead to plastic surgery. Who said there is no reaping where there has been sowing?

Another disturbing episode involves my brother’s daughter, Danielle. My father was paying for her college education in Denver and at Sue’s insistance, my father discontinued paying for her education. Danielle sat in a garage in a car hoping carbon monoxide would kill her. Just before she was comatose from the fumes, she let herself out of the car. Susan was jealous of anyone and anything that was in my father’s former life. Even my sister, Rhonda, the favorite, was not able to visit him as she should have been and my father would be a no-show after she had driven from Washington D.C. (with fiance) to Cleveland. Rhonda was humiliated. This is all too sortid of a tale to even tell. I cannot comprehend such evil. I think of the biblical Jezebel who coveted property, had people killed, and attacked the prophets. If any human being would fit that description, it would be the tarantula-loving wife of my father Harold B. Kelly M.D.

What troubles me the most is that I do believe in an after-life. As a matter of fact, as hellish as this earth is, I believe that there is an eternal hell. I believe that people have to work very hard to get there. What bothers me is that my father saved my life when I was a very-sick,  pre-mature baby only to take the lives of thousands of un-born children in his later years. I do not think that my life was worth one of those innocent ones.  I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I believe that God hates the shedding of innocent blood. I believe that my father sleeps in an evil place tonight, and that he had an accomplice in his descent into hell, his wife of 25 years, Susan Kelly. I believe that she will eventually have her reward for blatant cruelty to my family members. She shall have her reward for confiscating all of my father’s earthly goods, so that there would be no contest regarding his estate. I believe that there can be a hell on earth for people who deal in wickedness. I believe that this will be her portion for the remainder of her days on earth. I have nowhere to grieve, no urn to look at; nothing but a haunting memory of my father being taken away from us twenty-five years before his unmourned death.

ADDENDUM: 09-10-08  It is with great joy that I am able to announce a cessation of the gut-wrentching battle of emotions that I have carried for, lo ,these twenty-five years. Today, I can with honesty and candor tell the world that I have forgiven my father and his wife, Sue. I wrestled with a bitterness that few people would ever be able to relate to. I prayed for them throughout the years, that they would turn from this vile practice of shedding innocent blood, and acknowledge the pain experienced by my family as a whole. It seemed as if these prayers were never completely answered. It would have been easier for forgiveness to take place, if there had been an isolated incident, rather than repeated emotional assaults upon the family that I love which made it so seemingly impossible.  I believe that the blood of Jesus is so powerful that even the most heinous crimes committed and repented by the sinner will be accepted (even upon the death bed.) It is my faith in the blood of Jesus that has sustained me through all sorts of fiery trials. Closing out this painful chapter in forgiveness is a well-spring of life. I pray that it will lead me to the complete forgiveness of any and all persons who have pierced me throughout my life, that I have not already forgiven. ANY unforgivness is not acceptable to anyone who would walk out their faith in Christ. Without a divine enablement from God this forgiveness would have been impossible for me.

Alice Parris