New Angel Wings by Shadavar-Stock

New Angel Wings by shadavar-stock


O black angel, 

spread your wings for me.

Deliver me from ghosts and rattling chains,

chants, haunts, and roots, sinking at the bayou’s bottom.


The past with its dried hope and magnolia,

now long-gone; a shattered mirror of forlorn days.


O black angel,

spread your wings

upwards and outwards; sweep from

paradise to heaven. where grass grows emerald,

springing back past the walking on it.

To where joy-filled winds speak mysteries of the ages.


O black angel,

spirit me away to where

gates of pearl open onto streets of gold, like glass.


O black angel,

Uphold me in your massive hands.

Let me look into your piercing eyes, and

see beyond the boundaries of man’s comprehension.

To that place of magnificent, peerless beauty.


O black angel,

carry me in your wings.

Take me to that place where I might

see His body, bloodied and pierced for me.

Behold His face and kiss His nail-scarred hands.



By Alice Parris





For me, meeting Kim is what I consider to be serendipity; what is
known as a “happy coincidence.” As it turns out, Kim Fleming’s
mother was my absolutely favorite nursing school instructor at
Tennessee State University, in the mid to late 70’s. She was also
the Director of Nursing when I was hired for my first job after I
graduated. This is the awkward period when I waited for my Board
scores, which would determine if I would, indeed, be a Licensed
Registered Nurse. It is with distinct pleasure, that I write this post.
A few facts that I find most interesting about Kim Fleming’s career
are these: that she sang at two of Wynonna Judd’s weddings, at
Ashley Judd’s wedding in Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. There she
sang “Ave Maria.” She sang at Tammy Wynette’s funeral & Carl Perkins’
funeral (with George Harrison of the Beatles) She has sung for four
Presidents of the United States. What a decidedly rich and diverse career.

Nashville’s Music Industry is all the richer for having Kim Fleming
She has toured with Amy Grant & Wynonna Judd. She has worked
with luminaries such as Patti Labelle, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel
and Stevie Wonder. The list is too numerous for the purpose of the
written portion of this post. I will give a link to Ms. Fleming’s bio at
the end of this post for your perusal( her WordPress blog) Suffice it
to say that her voice has been heard on hundreds of recordings, jingles,
film scores and on Broadway. Kim appears on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel.

Kim is a native of Nashville. She attended Fisk University, Belmont
College & Tennessee State University. Ms. Fleming sang with the Fisk
Jubilee Singers, studied Music Business at Belmont college and earned
a degree from Tennessee State University in Music, Vocal Pedagogy.
Kim Fleming is a singer, songwriter, artist, independent contractor &
the vocal contractor for the Stellar Awards. She is continually being
called upon to lend her voice to recordings in Nashville as well as
perform. She sings with regularity with Nashville bands/venues such
as the Smoking Section, where A list session players get together to delight
all of Nashville & Still Waters, a Christian Light Club Event which takes
place every four months. Kim is asked to perform at different venues all
over the country and the world. I recently saw Ms. Fleming perform in the
Fisk Memorial Chapel at a benefit concert for the Fisk Spring Arts Festival.
She just returned from performing in the New Orleans Jazz Festival 2014.

Currently, Ms. Fleming is working on her debut album which we, who
have been privileged to witness her performances, are waiting for with
joyful anticipation. She has been able to garner standing ovations at
almost all of her performances and commands a room like a rare few.
Her record is being produced and co-written by Aaron Mason, Chris
(Big Dog) Davis and the Hamilton Brothers; Tim, Tyronn, and Walter Jr.
It will be a blend of smooth jazz and smooth R&B with a Neo-soul edge.
Her mentor & inspiration for the album is jazz saxophonist; Joe Johnson
& jazz trumpeter Rod McGaha. I will be announcing the album release date.


(Dr. Matthew Kennedy’s 90th Birthday-Fisk Jubilee Singers) 

(From Integrity Music’s Scripture Memory Album)

(20 Feet From Stardom Q &A)

My Funny Valentine-Kim Fleming with The Hamilton Brothers
(My Funny Valentine with Kim Fleming & The Hamilton Brothers)

Biography: http://www.kimberlyfleming615.wordpress.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kimberly-fleming/16/b36/7a0/

FB: http://www.kimberly.d.fleming.56@facebook.com

Contact email:  kimberlyfleming615@gmail.com 


Alice Parris















By Glenn Parris

We want to read a book that transports us,
that makes us an eye witness to events. We
want detailed characters, clever sequences,
& various twists that lead to near catastrophe.

We want villains to pay for their ruthlessness,
we want our heroes and heroines exceptional,
yet able to compliment each other. We want
quirky characters. We want a guarantee of
non-stop, page-turning intrigue & mystery.

All of these qualilties that we want in our
‘good reads’ can be found in the new novel:
thriller, by Dr. Glenn Parris. He has created
lurking shadows; an underbelly in medicine.

In Glenn Parris’s book, Dr. Jack Wheaton and
Dr. Anita Thomas are exceptional. Khandi’s
ebullient personality provides us with the
‘quirk factor.’ Lucy is villainous. She is ice-cold
in her ruthlessness. The people she works for
are even more so. Pharmaceutical/industrial
greed is fatal as a cure for Fibromyalgia is
within reach,  yet is used as a bargaining chip.

The rich send out killers and mercenaries to
silence Dr. Jack Wheaton & Dr. Anita Thomas.
And so, a great medical thriller has been born.
readers & nudge its way onto the silver screen.

Review by Alice Parris



Dr. Glen Parris is supported in his work by:

National Association of Women Owned Small Businesses, Inc.





A flash in the pan, a wisp of smoke,
a broken covenant. What are we to
think of those who become part of

our families, our lives & then opt out;
leaving collateral damage that turns
cold in our veins, at odds with blood?

Are these truly ‘movable feasts’ in our
lives or are they soon to be as ashes
scattered, as time sweeps up all things?

Pomp & ceremony, a white dress & veil.
Will a decade pass without a retraction
of vows? What will have been the point;

to give seed into the world & cut them
into halves? I cannot say for I have been

the greatest covenant breaker of all. I was
not a ‘movable feast’ for any but my blood.
Ice water surely runs through these veins;

not knowing love as it is defined by timeless
romantics.  Disposable, partakers of covenant-
halves, rendered bloody-sure in the severing.

I reaped the whirlwind for my indifference,
lack of contrition. All I know is loyalty and

bloodline. God kept demon-birds away from
my seed with their vengeful, purposed- pecks.
In spite of me,  my seed & offspring are blessed.
Alice Parris




Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU

About two decade ago, I watched a Jerry Springer show
(before ongoing sexual content of programming) where
White Supremacists talked about a ‘race war’ coming
to our nation. I sat in prophetic churches and from the
pulpit I heard Pastors assert that Lord Jesus was taking
dominion over politics & every level of power in America.

Christian Evangelicals, the Tea Party and hate groups have
jumped into bed with one another. The realization that whites
are becoming the minority in the United States is behind the
plethera of anti-abortion, anti-birth control measures. The
whites only crowd know that without white babies being born,
they will have a Democratic reign without end.  The thinking
is that Alternative Lifestyles ‘threaten’ procreation hence
they are also declared a ‘threat’ to heterosexual marriages.

The North wind brought contagious hatred in the form of Sarah
Palin. With her, the Republican Party has given way to the Tea
Party. The Tea Party has no problem being anti-immigrant and
overtly racist. The Tea Party absorbed a myriad of white power
groups. They are collective. They are rabid in their hatred for
 anyone without white skin. Attacks on individuals of non-white
 minorities are emboldened.  Right Talk venues promote paranoia.

I suggest to you that the shootings in Wisconsin have Michelle
Bachmann’s fingerprints all over it, with her allegations of the
Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘infiltration’ within high level politics.
 This horrible paranoia of  brown skin has sent the Tea Party
and White Supremists groups to initiate all sorts of legislation
on local & state levels seeking to hamstring majority/minorities
voters; making voting difficult for those who take public
transportation or are too old to have birth certificates. Some
shorten early voter registration on the weekend before the
election vote in which entire black congregations have routinely
voted. College students can no longer present their student IDs.

This multi-headed hydra is what is now The New Republican Party.
Strange brew and strange bedfellows working with one goal: to
retain white superiority in the face of changing statistics against
this in America as well as worldwide. No, these players have not
lost their minds. Rather, they are advancing a unified racist plan.

Alice Parris


Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU

When a lawmaker represents a constituency, they are duty
bound to represent the people & interests of constituencies.
Those who have signed the Norquist pledge (opposition to all
tax increases)have dismissed the concerns of their constituencies,
rather being entrenched in highly partisan policies & politics.

Those who have legislators representing them, who do not
agree with their representatives having signed the Norquist
pledge, should gather themselves together to sue these
representatives. Those who did not know that their candidates
or incumbents signed the pledge, should also gather to sue.

The signing of the Norquist pledge has hamstrung the
Congress creating gridlock, to the chagrin of most true
Americans. Legal systems should address this aberancy.
Americans should not be forced into the predetermined.

Also, I received a letter from Mitt Romney & RNC asking
me to give money and sign a pledge. I am a Democrat. I
am pro-Obama all day everyday. I believe that the RNC
got Obama’s small donor list. I called the RNC and asked
them to never contact me again. Could it be that Mitt
Romney & RNC are trying to “turn” Democrats or was it
a fluke? A warning to hard-core Dems; ahead: filthy pool!

Alice Parris





Should I go softly into the sweet purring night
or spin like a new windmill into the furious sun?

Shall I yet stretch out upon limbs brittle-sure?
The morn cups chirping birds of Southern hue
as the vultures gather at the the road’s crossing.

I was that gift of drink poured out in love’s leaving,
never noticed till years passed on their understanding.

I watch dimly in this gray world trimmed darkest noir.
The sharp mind bleeds from having turned upon itself.

Colors bled and faded in the passage of indifferent years.
Stark, falling shards have become our only measurements.

O, do you discharge your spirit before slumber overtakes?
There is yet a brightness hidden from earth-bound eyes
that quiets all turbulence in the breathlessness of night.

The quickening comes when time stalls… suddenly.

Alice Parris


Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU


Craggy visage
framed by snow-locks.
Power mantle unfurls
upon a servant’s feet.

Garbled voices give
way to white-misted,
billowy clouds nesting
in a bed of symbols.

Flesh feasts
upon divine symbols
with viper-drool fangs.

The seer stands alone.

Wildflowers of white
yellow & lavender. Early
birds flying with mates.
Flooded creeks flash-dry.

Morning dew hides
from first light. Silence…
Rumbling underground
seeking wide-lipped spout.

Flurries scurry
to orbital peripheries.
Discernment of shadows.

The seer stands alone.

Within timeless frames
& frameless times…

The seer stands alone.

Alice Parris


Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU

The Palinites came from far and wide
to anoint their Northern queen and
sit her upon a throne of great power.

She left the Northern lights and fled
into the desert. There she lived like
a queen; lavishly. Far from the poor.

She was anointed the standard bearer
of a truth that neither pitied the poor
nor visited the widow. There was no
compassion for those appointed to die.

She charged much gold for others to
behold her and to be in her presence.
She preached the gospel of Sarah. She
peverted the true gospel of good news.

She prepared her caravan. Pomp and
ceremony went before her coronation.
The Palinites waved their fronds bowing
at her display of great wealth and power.

She chose as her crown rare, costly jewels.
Our Savior wore a painful crown of thorns.

The Lord has not blessed her coronation…

Alice Parris


Photography by poet Duane Locke

Photography by poet Duane Locke


Mother moon cries. Eye-weeper.

Earth’s waters replenish her tears.

Mother moon cries in great travail.


Coal-black armor on midnight steed.
Swords clashing in the heavenlies.

We lie between twixt and twiddle.
Seeking safety and understanding.


Asleep, the third Alice has
appeared in the third Heaven.

Her unglorified body flits
easily into celestial spaces;

haunting heaven thru desire.

Awake, she is weighed down;
the temporal demands of life.

The third Alice sees the glorious
flash of white wings encircle her.

Hears pure knowledge whisper
to her spirit, “soon, but not yet.”