For me, meeting Kim is what I consider to be serendipity; what is
known as a “happy coincidence.” As it turns out, Kim Fleming’s
mother was my absolutely favorite nursing school instructor at
Tennessee State University, in the mid to late 70’s. She was also
the Director of Nursing when I was hired for my first job after I
graduated. This is the awkward period when I waited for my Board
scores, which would determine if I would, indeed, be a Licensed
Registered Nurse. It is with distinct pleasure, that I write this post.
A few facts that I find most interesting about Kim Fleming’s career
are these: that she sang at two of Wynonna Judd’s weddings, at
Ashley Judd’s wedding in Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. There she
sang “Ave Maria.” She sang at Tammy Wynette’s funeral & Carl Perkins’
funeral (with George Harrison of the Beatles) She has sung for four
Presidents of the United States. What a decidedly rich and diverse career.

Nashville’s Music Industry is all the richer for having Kim Fleming
She has toured with Amy Grant & Wynonna Judd. She has worked
with luminaries such as Patti Labelle, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel
and Stevie Wonder. The list is too numerous for the purpose of the
written portion of this post. I will give a link to Ms. Fleming’s bio at
the end of this post for your perusal( her WordPress blog) Suffice it
to say that her voice has been heard on hundreds of recordings, jingles,
film scores and on Broadway. Kim appears on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel.

Kim is a native of Nashville. She attended Fisk University, Belmont
College & Tennessee State University. Ms. Fleming sang with the Fisk
Jubilee Singers, studied Music Business at Belmont college and earned
a degree from Tennessee State University in Music, Vocal Pedagogy.
Kim Fleming is a singer, songwriter, artist, independent contractor &
the vocal contractor for the Stellar Awards. She is continually being
called upon to lend her voice to recordings in Nashville as well as
perform. She sings with regularity with Nashville bands/venues such
as the Smoking Section, where A list session players get together to delight
all of Nashville & Still Waters, a Christian Light Club Event which takes
place every four months. Kim is asked to perform at different venues all
over the country and the world. I recently saw Ms. Fleming perform in the
Fisk Memorial Chapel at a benefit concert for the Fisk Spring Arts Festival.
She just returned from performing in the New Orleans Jazz Festival 2014.

Currently, Ms. Fleming is working on her debut album which we, who
have been privileged to witness her performances, are waiting for with
joyful anticipation. She has been able to garner standing ovations at
almost all of her performances and commands a room like a rare few.
Her record is being produced and co-written by Aaron Mason, Chris
(Big Dog) Davis and the Hamilton Brothers; Tim, Tyronn, and Walter Jr.
It will be a blend of smooth jazz and smooth R&B with a Neo-soul edge.
Her mentor & inspiration for the album is jazz saxophonist; Joe Johnson
& jazz trumpeter Rod McGaha. I will be announcing the album release date.


(Dr. Matthew Kennedy’s 90th Birthday-Fisk Jubilee Singers) 

(From Integrity Music’s Scripture Memory Album)

(20 Feet From Stardom Q &A)

My Funny Valentine-Kim Fleming with The Hamilton Brothers
(My Funny Valentine with Kim Fleming & The Hamilton Brothers)




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Within Nashville, Tennessee aka Music City, I have found a
jewel.  From every angle of turning, this gem is equally
fascinating.  I am speaking about Devine Taylor aka the
Music Biz Mentor.  Devine Taylor is a music management
consultant.  He has spent 27 years working with a diverse
array of professional level artists and independant musicians
from around the world.  He has the knowledge that is helping
aspiring artists and musicians navigate their way through the
bumpy, ever-changing terrain of the music industry of today.

In his earlier years, Devine Taylor started as a professional
musician and tour manager.  Mr. Taylor has worked directly
with artists such as: Muddy Waters, P. Funk, Tom Cochrane,
and Grammy Award winning “Taste Of Honey.”  Mr. Taylor
was able, through his part ownership of Du North Records, Inc.,
to hone Canadian musicians and artists skills & artistry. Some
acts have gone on to enjoy their success in Europe and Japan.
He is actively involved in the Juno Awards (Canadian Grammy
Awards) not only as a judge and also as a management factor.

Devine Taylor has captivated audiences through the R.E.D.
Sessons and Library Music Series (Nashville ) as host and
Executive Producer .  Today, Devine Taylor is contracted by
various music chains to deliver keynote addresses across the
United States and Canada.  Devine Taylor is Nashville’s own
Music Biz Mentor.  Mr. Taylor is one of those rare individuals
who does not horde his knowledge or make music enthusiasts
knock three times on the door as a code acceptible for entry.
He freely shares information on his Spreecast live chat shows
every Sunday night 9:30 p.m. EST. Don’t miss out! Great stuff!

On Devine Taylor’s Spreecast live chat shows, anyone can
sign up and participate for free.  Mr. Taylor has guests such
as the straight talking, super producer Dave Carlock, who has
worked with various artists such as: Eric Clapton, Blink 182,
Snoop and Pink.  A few show titles include: Music Marketing
101, Managing Your Music Career and Creating A Hit Record.
Participants can submit chat questions for the interview guest.

Of course, this is not the end game.  He will have received
richly-deserved, paying clients from those who would have
drunk freely from this well of comprehensive music business
information.  Devine Taylor aka Music Biz Mentor’s mission
is “to help empower musicians, artists & novices who want
to make money and have a career in the music business.”
Music Biz Mentor’s motto is: “Empower, Educate, Motivate.”  

“Enlightenment  is  not  a credit economy. You must pay in advance.”




Alice Parris