Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU

When the Affordable Care Act comes before the Supreme Court of the land, Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas should recuse themselves if the are honorable men. They have had flagrant dalliances with the Tea Party for the which they cannot be considered impartial. The problem is that they, themselves, are given the task of determining whether or not they have been compromised. They have been compromised.

Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife’s political activities should be enough reason that he should not sit with the other justices to decide whether or not the mandatory purchase of Health Care coverage is constitutional or not. Justice Scalia has exalted his values before his position. He has convened with Tea Party/Right Wing movers & shakers on various occasions. He has given a CLOSED DOOR Constitutional tutorial to the Tea Party Caucus just this past week.

A seared conscious is the only reason that either of these Justices could consider themselves to be inviolate and able to decide the fate of the Affordable Care Act for the entire nation. If they do not recuse themselves, a gross miscarriage of justice will occur; from the which this country might never recover. We may actually witness a ‘death panel’ if these Justices decide the virtue of their own impartiality.

Alice Parris