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Rumbling dissent ripping open the ground, rippling echos
upon merciless winds, rhythmic drums pounding out the
heart’s anguish over murderers.  Mothers Against Murderers
Association has taken to organizing for their MAMA March 2014.
How many more young lives must be violently ripped away? How
many more bloody, gaping, jaws-of-death must rip out the lives
of our children before something is done? That movement is here.
Mothers Against Murderers are on the move.  MAMA March 2014.

You do not have to be a mother to join this movement. You do not
have to be a mother affected by violence to join this movement, You
don’t have to be a woman to join this movement. But whoever you are,
by all means, join this movement. If you care about the ‘killing fields’
expanding within our nation, in front of our eyes, then you must join.
If you care about or love someone affected by senseless murder, then
join. If you care about your living children, then join. If you care about
your neighbor’s children, then join. If you care about the future of all
of our children, then you must join.

Women have great voting power, which is greater still, in swelling
numbers. Make a difference in this mid-term election year of 2014. Join
all of us with Mothers Against Murderers Association against all of them-
who don’t give a damn about these soulless, relentless, bloody assaults.
Join MAMA March 2014. Website will connect to Facebook and Twitter.


Rains of blood soak the gaping grounds.
Silent are the screams of stoic mothers
forced to wear crow-black dresses, to
bear bloody gashes upon their hearts.

To grieve at depths where no sound can
be heard; utterances of sorrow & despair.
To bear loved ones upon shields of resolve, 
while scarlet slashes remain upon the soul.

This is the testimony of mothers against such
murderers: we will find you, hiding in your lair
of laws. We are gathering. We are on the move.
We are coming.  We march for justice and peace.

Title: Exodus 20:13 NIV
Dedicated to Mothers Against Murderers Association
Alice Parris


I smell fear. The smell is coming from Fox news. There is fear coming from the “think tank” assembled to take the shine off of Senator Obama. There is fear that their many tactics are not working.  Meanwhile,  CNN pays respect to Senator McCain (in his interview with Wolf Blitzer) while he parades his hawkish nature for the entire world to see.  Who would want this wobbly hand on a nuclear button? I smell desperation at Fox news. Fox news is no longer a voice of reason. It is a voice of malfeasance. How did their hatred and distain for Senator Barack Obama nullify their claims of being “fair and balanced?” I suggest that Fox news looks for a different, more appropriate slogan to describe what they are serving up nightly. They must all be drinking “haterade” for hydration. It is a Greek tragedy how some of the Fox anchors, reporters, journalists and commentators feel compelled to viciously castigate a Presidential candidate and Senator of the United States.

They thought that they would have disposed of Senator Obama with the Jeremiah Wright issue. This was not enough, they have waited like vultures for “the kiss of death” coming from Obama’s lips, watching like birds of prey for the “mistep.” Where is their “fair and balanced?” McCain has made quite a few gaffes of his own. These are always downplayed. Right now, Fox is livid over the reception that Senator Obama has received overseas. From their reporting, one would think that good relations with Europe is a bad thing. If it is a bad thing, then it has only become bad since President Bush, the isolationist, has set this precedent. People worldwide are eager to undo the damage that has been created by a President, who sat in a classroom way too long when he was informed that the United States was under attack on 9/11. How could such intelligent people as the ones assembled at Fox not ever admit that they have been backing a dark horse? How could they not admit that they have to throw out nightly bones to McCain so that he can nourish his unimpressive campaign?? I would suspect that there is a reward offered to whatever journalistic reporter at Fox will be able to come up with the silver bullet that will take Senator Obama down.

All of this is a very sad commentary about the partisanship which rules this country. The “honorable” Senator Mccain once left a wife and family to trade up for a newer, richer model- a stepford wife in fact. He has said that he is the underdog. By what standards does a white, male, war hero, Senator (with an heiress wife) become an underdog?  McCain has gotten very nasty as of late. He is rabid at his opponent’s popularity abroad. He keeps repeating himself, “I was for the surge, it is working…Senator Obama was not… he was wrong…” Well, Senator Obama was against the war from the beginning. How, then is he expected to pat Senator McCain on the back for the surge? Does Senator McCain really believe that the citizens of Iraq want our soldiers there for as long as it takes for the situation on the ground? The world tires of U.S. tenacles. I cannot believe the amount of negative energy that McCain is spewing out. It is precarious for his cancer remission. I thought that I heard Senator McCain say that he would conduct an honorable campaign. Whatever happened to that? His attacks upon Senator Obama have gone as far as to say that Obama is willing to lose a war (that he never supported) in order to win a political campaign. It seems to me that Senator McCain is willing to start another war to win a political campaign as he sings, “Bomb Iran, bomb bomb Iran.”  I believe that the Republican party is capable of manipulating a war whether Israel attacks Iran or whether the U.S. attacks in order to keep the Republican party in control of the Whitehouse. It is not Senator Obama that we need to fear, it is the militaristic McCain who is the wild card.

Alice Parris