I could not believe it when I heard Sarah Palin pound the point in her stump speech in Colorado, that Obama hung around with “terrorists.” Terrifying, if it were not for the fact that she and her husband have been so closely aligned with the Alaskan Independence Party. Aren’t these the folks who have no use for America and frankly advocate Alaska’s sucession from the Union? She cannot have it both ways. Isn’t it Sarah Palin who cannot figure out where she stands regarding her longtime associate, Senator Ted Stevens? I’ll betcha she is waiting to see how it all plays out, first. Sorry Ted, you just might get fed to the wolves. Governor Sarah Palin is an ambitious, cut-throat politician with a history of becoming friends with a mentor, learning what they know and then being a challenger for their jobs. Many people still think that she is “as dumb as a box of rocks.” But, I think that Senator McCain should probably watch his back.

Her response to the McCain campaign pulling out of Michigan seemed more like an attempt on her part to negotiate her way into a 2012 bid for Presidency, to me.  I did not know that a Vice Presidential nominee would openly question the judgement of the person on the top of the ticket in a matter as serious as this. Perhaps Senator McCain has grown blind from the many winks that Governor Palin drops while speaking. I guarantee you that Governor Palin is getting cozy with as many people in the energy arena as she can (and not for Senator McCain’s benefit.) She is going to get that gas pipeline by hook or by crook. You betcha! Worst case scenario for Governor Palin is that she and Senator McCain fail in their bid for the White House, she returns as governor, with new allies who will help her “energize” the lower forty-eight (via pipeline) while she helps herself become one of the most powerful women in the world.

How can Senator McCain go negative on Senator Obama without any of us remembering the KEATING scandal? I want to make sure that no one forgets his past “evil alliances” while he pounds away at Senator Obama.  Surely, he had to know that the Keating Five scandal is also a question of judgement, honesty, and guilt by association. The desperate McCain campaign will go negative for the remaing thirty-one days of this election cycle, while Rome burns and its citizens expire from smoke inhalation. What about his reckless behavior in the Navy which led to the loss of lives of his fellow military personel? I keep hearing whispers about this. Senator McCain will you put these rumors to rest?

Has Senator McCain been recently re-evaluated for  PTSD? He appears to have a pretty bad case of it from his POW days. What is this unwillingness or inability to look Senator Obama directly in the eye? Is this some behavior that he learned while in captivity, not to look into the eyes of the enemy?  I find it hard to believe; it is just flagrant disrespect. Note to John McCain: Obama is NOT your enemy. You are both fighting to make the SAME COUNTRY a better place, or at least this is what we have been led to believe.  Senator McCain, show Senator Obama the same respect that he shows you. He shakes your hand and looks you in the eye. He addresses you directly. Senator McCain, your manners are intolerable and it sends a very bad message about you…something about “grumpy old men.”

Alice Parris


I do not need to stress the importance to the Democrats and to the Obama-Biden campaign the fact that REPUBLICANS STEAL ELECTIONS! They stole the election in 2000 from Vice President Al Gore in the state of Florida, they stole the election from Senator John Kerry in 2004 in the state of Ohio. There are various ways that they use: subliminal programming, falsifying poll numbers, voter suppression and programming for backwards counting on the election machines. Oh, the fate of so many in the hands of so few.

The Republicans LIE.  We won’t know the full extent of the Bush-Cheney lies for sometime to come. Has anyone ever seen someone as clandestine and arrogant as Dick Cheney?  Bush and Cheney sacked the nation while Rome was burning.  Brand new  investigations will be launched, stalled and sealed. I am not even talking about  Governor Palin’s “Troopergate.” I understand that the McCain camp has taken over the governance of Alaska. Smells like an oil and gas takeover. I am sure that the good people of Alaska will not be happy with the pittance from energy revenues that they will get under the banner of “Country First.”

As Alaskan’s strongest act of political protest, they should start by throwing their three electorial votes away from the McCain-Palin ticket. That would be a cruel irony, indeed, for the “most popular governor in the United States.” Why did Sarah Palin forsake the people who elected her, anyway?  I suspect that it might have something to do with the “bridges to nowhere” that she burned and the enemies that she has made along the way.  Whatever is she going to do about her “ole buddy” Senator Ted Stevens?  Will she leave him out to dry after all of the favors she has asked him for over the years? I feel the need for a character study, don’t you?

This time, the Democrats need to use every means necessary to ensure that this election is not stolen. Everything hangs in the balance. To those sitting on the fence while Rome burns, vote your pocket books, because if you don’t watch your pockets-they will continue to be picked. Do not vote for looks, legs or lies vote for your own interests.  Ask yourself this question: “if you were about to be put out into the street, or your kids were going to have to live with you in a car that you can’t afford gas for, will your church make sure that you have a roof over your head? Will your church make sure that your children get to eat what they used to eat while you faithfully tithed there? Will your church make sure that you have the gas money to drive to another state where a relative could help you and your children? Will your church help get you back on your feet again?” If the answer is yes, I would listen to the pastor of such a church, because the social gospels have become living epistles. If the answer is no, leave behind robotics, religiosity and racism. CHECK YOUR POCKETS!

Alice Parris


I am amazed at the “double-speak” which has become the McCain-Palin brand. They barage the television with deceptive ads against Senator Obama which can be immediately proven to be grotesque distortions, as well as outright lies.  While a plethera of attorneys have had to take over Alaska in order to clean up Sarah Palin’s mess, they still claim to be “Mavericks.”  It is insulting for the likes of McCain and Palin to attack the integrity of Senator Obama and Senator Biden, when attorneys have been sent to Alaska to gloss over Palin’s record of governance. What kind of alternate universe are the Republican candidates living in?  A cover-up or suppression of the Alaska “Troopergate” scandal is STILL a blemish upon Sarah Palin and has many asking, “where is this alleged transparency?”  What kind of judgement do either of them have? McCain seems to have gotten addled, lately; making bizarre statements about U.S. allies, and confusing SEC with FEC.  Worse than this, could be a Palin Presidency. We need to research Todd Palin, since HE is currently the real “shadow-ruler” of this ticket.

McCain’s POW  stump speech became less relevant in light of our country’s financial melt-down. Since we are not talking about WAR, McCain has been like a fish out of water. He is stumbling and fumbling his way across the country with Sarah as his “tag-team” partner.  She steps in to answer  questions directed to him; the ones which she feels better qualified to answer.   What a great “soulmate” don’t you think?  She is taking the stage, isn’t she? Folks are walking out on Mc Cain right after Palin’s  cheerleading. This looks very bad for their team. It should make Senator McCain uncomfortable. Someone must not have gotten the memo insructing them to be careful not to “outshine” the person on the top of the ticket. Is this what the country might have to brace itself for?  Republicans, do not gloat over your idol.  She is a “red herring” and will waste our time until the clock runs out on this election cycle. Straight talk is  what we need now; hope not fear. We need to turn a deaf ear to the Republican, reptilian, bifurcated tongue!

Alice Parris


Palin has enjoyed a charmed life. She married her high school sweeheart; she was and still is loved. Her tough stance on incest or rape victims having to carry a baby full term hardly refers to her. I will give her credit for the keeping of her Down Syndrome baby, but didn’t she run under an anti-abortion flag prior to this conception and following revelation? How could she get an abortion, even if she considered being hypocritical? What secrets can be hidden in a state with the population of Alaska? The fact that she flew, knowing that after seven months physicians and airlines alike discourage it,  putting her unborn child at great risk. To have a leaking bag of amniotic fluid on a long flight does not show a great deal of concern for possible complications which could arise in ANY pregnancy. Would the airlines have been able to deliver her Down Syndrome baby without a possible mistake? What if there had been a cord wrapped around the baby’s neck, which, would have been undetected if there was no monitoring of the baby for signs of fetal distress.  How would Palin even know if her baby was inside, dying?  Ruptured amniotic fluid is serious. Dry-birth following the leaking of amniotic fluid is a complication. Palin’s forty-four year old age categorized her pregnancy as an obstetrical high-risk pregnancy. Why the playing loose and wrecklessly in this particular situation?

My next point is this: has anyone stopped to consider the recent rash of pregnant-wife killings plaguing our nation? Has anyone stopped to think about the implications of the overturning of Roe vs. Wade in our selfish society? Has anyone stopped to realize that teenage pregnancy is no longer a problem for just “them?” There is more involved than just the pregnancy itself. There does exist evidence of a syndrome of maternal  ambivalance-which could easily lead to innocent toddlers being locked in the trunk of a car-by mothers who are not ready to settle down. How much more detached will the pregnant woman of incest or rape be? How eager will adoptive parents be to adopt a baby which is the result of incest, knowing the incalculable medical problems that they might face? With the advent of medical technology in the field of infertility, as well as willing surrogates, there are people who want their own biological children, if they can possibly have them. Adoption might not even be considered.

There are men, who will be held accountable for their actions by advances in DNA. Gone are the days of, “its not mine!” This, alone, might push some of them to the actual abuse or homicide of these pregnant women. The carefree life of the male gadfly will be over. This man may not act so very well towards the women that Biden legislation has vowed to protect. There will be an increased rash of babies who are unloved and in danger as well as the mothers who are unloved and in danger. There will be the financial responsibilities which men will have to face if they impregnate a woman without weighing the costs. How many of these women will be despised? No more one night stands, fellas! There are also the many cases of “failed protection.” State by state there are agencies which enforce men to pay for the children they conceive. Even if an extended family is prepared to help the pregnant woman without the assist of the impregnating male, if she should ever fall on hard times and need public assisistance, the man will be made to repay the debt by the enforcing agency.  He will also have to pay when the  DNA test says that he is the biological father.

Accountability yes, but everyone does not lead a charmed life. Everyone does not have family support, everyone does not have the ability to have a “shot-gun wedding,” everyone is not as fortunate as the Palin clan. There are abused women everywhere who will testify that the abuse did not begin until the first pregnancy, until the first child. WOMEN and MEN of procreative age everywhere SHOULD BE  CONCERNED about the philosophy and plans of the Republican agenda to overturn Roe Vs. Wade. I see, unsafe abortions, maternal deaths, increased abuse of pregnant women, increased abuse of married women who get pregnant; in which the family cannot afford another child, I see self-centered men everywhere  plotting to get rid of the “damning evidence.” What I do not see is success with the abstinence teaching for our teens who are sexually active, nor the success of abstinence teaching  in the face of marching “peer pressure.”  I do not see abstinence teaching as being the solution to counter the incalcuable dangerous possibilities that women will face, if McCain-Palin have it their way.

Alice Parris