No, this post is not about the Edwards affair. Anyone of character and sensitivity will let the throat-cutters have that one.  Although, I do sometimes wonder whatever happened to the pretty, blonde lobbyist that Senator John McCain has been linked with? I am posting to talk about these prophetic words from John McCain on August 4th, 2008, …”Russia is regressing…” Hey, wasn’t that just five days ago? Wasn’t the world made aware of a blow-up between Georgia and Russia less than two days ago?  Well, the answer is still oil!! In my last post, I said that it would not surprise me if the Republicans manipulated a war to put McCain over. And so it is… Georgia (backed by U.S. muscle -also is an exit way for oil by-passing Iran) is in the middle of fresh declaration of WAR!!!  Magic McCain swung into full military command- an immediate meeting of the U.N Security council, blah, blah, blah-is there anything more frightening to the elderly?  Did it ever occur to anyone that McCain had the heads up? I mean, he is in the tank for the administration, no matter what “Maverick” rumors are circulated.  I was wrong. I thought that it would be an a direct Iran affair, not an indirect Iran affair. John McCain is obtuse. In no way could he have  forseen anything but a few well deserved and well needed snoozes. This whole matter reeks of meddling. Georgia is crying for the U.S. to stand with them while Putin and Bush stroll side by side in Beijing? What’s wrong with this picture?

Alice Parris


I smell fear. The smell is coming from Fox news. There is fear coming from the “think tank” assembled to take the shine off of Senator Obama. There is fear that their many tactics are not working.  Meanwhile,  CNN pays respect to Senator McCain (in his interview with Wolf Blitzer) while he parades his hawkish nature for the entire world to see.  Who would want this wobbly hand on a nuclear button? I smell desperation at Fox news. Fox news is no longer a voice of reason. It is a voice of malfeasance. How did their hatred and distain for Senator Barack Obama nullify their claims of being “fair and balanced?” I suggest that Fox news looks for a different, more appropriate slogan to describe what they are serving up nightly. They must all be drinking “haterade” for hydration. It is a Greek tragedy how some of the Fox anchors, reporters, journalists and commentators feel compelled to viciously castigate a Presidential candidate and Senator of the United States.

They thought that they would have disposed of Senator Obama with the Jeremiah Wright issue. This was not enough, they have waited like vultures for “the kiss of death” coming from Obama’s lips, watching like birds of prey for the “mistep.” Where is their “fair and balanced?” McCain has made quite a few gaffes of his own. These are always downplayed. Right now, Fox is livid over the reception that Senator Obama has received overseas. From their reporting, one would think that good relations with Europe is a bad thing. If it is a bad thing, then it has only become bad since President Bush, the isolationist, has set this precedent. People worldwide are eager to undo the damage that has been created by a President, who sat in a classroom way too long when he was informed that the United States was under attack on 9/11. How could such intelligent people as the ones assembled at Fox not ever admit that they have been backing a dark horse? How could they not admit that they have to throw out nightly bones to McCain so that he can nourish his unimpressive campaign?? I would suspect that there is a reward offered to whatever journalistic reporter at Fox will be able to come up with the silver bullet that will take Senator Obama down.

All of this is a very sad commentary about the partisanship which rules this country. The “honorable” Senator Mccain once left a wife and family to trade up for a newer, richer model- a stepford wife in fact. He has said that he is the underdog. By what standards does a white, male, war hero, Senator (with an heiress wife) become an underdog?  McCain has gotten very nasty as of late. He is rabid at his opponent’s popularity abroad. He keeps repeating himself, “I was for the surge, it is working…Senator Obama was not… he was wrong…” Well, Senator Obama was against the war from the beginning. How, then is he expected to pat Senator McCain on the back for the surge? Does Senator McCain really believe that the citizens of Iraq want our soldiers there for as long as it takes for the situation on the ground? The world tires of U.S. tenacles. I cannot believe the amount of negative energy that McCain is spewing out. It is precarious for his cancer remission. I thought that I heard Senator McCain say that he would conduct an honorable campaign. Whatever happened to that? His attacks upon Senator Obama have gone as far as to say that Obama is willing to lose a war (that he never supported) in order to win a political campaign. It seems to me that Senator McCain is willing to start another war to win a political campaign as he sings, “Bomb Iran, bomb bomb Iran.”  I believe that the Republican party is capable of manipulating a war whether Israel attacks Iran or whether the U.S. attacks in order to keep the Republican party in control of the Whitehouse. It is not Senator Obama that we need to fear, it is the militaristic McCain who is the wild card.

Alice Parris


Why would anyone put themselves into the frenzy of Obama hating? It is a losing proposition. Still, there are the media giants who feed upon every gaffe that flows from Obama’s eloquent lips, like wild dogs. Why is Hannity sounding like a broken-record? My guess is that he thinks that he will hit a home run for the Republicans with his repetitive litanies preaching the evils of Barack Obama.  Sean Hannity is but a water-boy, hoping to be  perceived as champion of a Republican agenda that the nation no longer wants.

 First, was the speculation that Obama was a Muslim, because of family members-who never raised him-as well as a school he attended as a child (in which he had no say whatsoever.) Then, he was a black-racist-church- radical, with ties to other educated “evil alliances” in Chicago.  Hannity’s premise has been that Obama has to be judged by the company that he has kept. Isn’t Rush Limbaugh, who dared to tamper with the election process, one of Hannity’s good friends?  Rush should be very concerned. sitting in the seat of God is quite a dangerous position; “…He will not share His glory with another…” After Obama denounced racist and un-American remarks, he was pronounced an opportunist.  When Obama did nothing, there appeared (on Hannity’s show) a cover from Obama’s former pastor’s church in which Obama’s picture was shown (in a collage) as well as Louis Farrakhan and others. Hannity said to his audience,”…aha, aha, our eye hath seen it…” HERE is the connection between the two of them. THIS WAS A COLLAGE!!! How weak.

Hannity should know better than to attack a Pentacostal church. Perhaps, he would do well to re-read the book of Acts in the New Testament. Perhaps, he does not know that there is enough resident power within its walls to turn his entire world upside-down. Hannity should cease his efforts to slice and dice Barack Obama at every turn and do some retrospection.   How can Hannity believe that after his rabid rants against Obama and a Pentacostal church, that he is doing God a favor? Conversely, he has put himself in the seat of God. His efforts will fail. The traps that he lays will fail, everything that he does against Obama will fail. It is ugly in the sight of God. Limbaugh and Hannity, together, will not be able to destroy this man because he is an “evil liberal.”  Hannity should know this about God; “…He maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and the unjust…” This is something Hannity should already know, being a Catholic. A cruel joke, really; to think one is either God or doing God a favor, when the opposite is true.

What Hannity is becoming is like a Roman Emperor engaged in a Colosseum spectacle. Doesn’t he know that he is dealing with a gladiator? Doesn’t he  know that with all of his hate-filled speech, he has positioned Senator Obama as the “David” of our times facing “Goliath?” Has Hannity ever wondered why in spite of his “broken-record” efforts to derail this man, that his efforts fail? Ultimately, Hannity will become a bad taste in the mouths of the many. His negativity is off-putting. It is irrational. Hannity does not even wait for Obama to falter. Fox news and its predictable pundits spend their time gathering up shards with which to attack Obama, his wife, his campaign and his “call” for change. I am here to declare to the media and to all who use their positions of power to attempt to destroy this man, that you, too, shall fail. How very foolish. The reason is that there is a God. He is neither Hannity nor Limbaugh.  “…He will not share His glory with another…” After a long season of God having His name used as a shield to hide  every mannner of ugliness, greed and abuse of power, He is at this very moment judging the self-righteous!!!

 O’Reilly, having a more fair and balanced approach, has stopped trying to make news, but rather report it. Perhaps that is the reason why his show ranks higher than Hannity’s. I will speculate as to the source of Hannity’s irrational behavior: the Republican nominee is weak. Not because he is not honorable, but because he is a chameleon. He spoke one way to win the nomination and now he speaks another way. Hannity should be concerned and spend his time trying to take the “double-speak” out of the mouth of the Republican nominee. McCain is attempting to”… become all things to all men, in the hopes that he might win some…”McCain is certainly not the Republican nominee that the rank and file of the party had hoped for. If Fox news spent more time  trying to spin its own straw into gold, ceased from its “plutonium-laden” tirades against Barack Obama, and at least appeared to want reconciliation and healing for a disenchanted nation,  then perhaps young people’s dreams would not be dashed to the ground; leaving them restless and angry. Perhaps, people old enough to know about Jim Crow, could have a glimmer of hope in their eyes before they die.  Perhaps, Martin Luther King Junior would not have died in vain; his dream still being bitterly opposed in 21st century America. 

Alice Parris