Sarah Palin is still a mistake. There will be ample time for full disclosure when the war declared by the self-proclaimed “mavericks” upon the media ensues. The media will do its homework and the adage, “there’s no fool like an old fool” will take on a new relevance come November 4th, 2008. I would advise members of the McCain camp to beware of being involved in any cover-ups. For you shall be exposed. Do not fall upon the sword for the party, or for the individuals. Do not delay or block legal investigations or proceedings. It will not serve you well.

Delivering a caustic speech, which arouses the nearly-dead, does not mean that the John McCain choice was a good one. On the contrary, Sarah Palin has some more skeletons in her closet. The McCain camp will spend their time putting out the Palin fires, but there will still be the smoke. There will be a reckoning, but not the kind that the Republican religious right is looking for. Do you remember when Focus On The Family asked the good Christians to pray for an “abundant rain, torrential rain, urban-and-small-stream- flood-advisory rain” on Obama’s big day to indicate God’s displeasure with him? Well, it looks as if the rain was a little late and consequently the Republican convention was a little late starting. The rains came and are still coming.

Perhaps people and businesses in the hit areas should send Focus On The Family a bill for damages ensued by practicing this type of prayer. Do you realize how God feels about those who pray amiss? He is not an addled, old man who missed His mark. He chose not to answer these prayers because it dishonored the blood of the martyr, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, whose “I Have A Dream” speech was delivered forty-five years ago on that same day. It stood as a sign of a fufulled prophecy. God still holds the blood of the martyrs sacred, however, it was Senator John McCain who withstood a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in Arizona for many, many years. Do mean spirited, hateful, right-wing zealots really believe that someone sitting in a church (in a small town in Alaska) whose preacher tells them that to not vote for Bush would doom them to hell, is capable of being one-heart-beat-away from a nuclear devise? Independent thinkers, the undecided and the indifferent, do not be seduced by this Trojan horse. Do not allow lethargy or apathy, or scales upon your eyes to allow you to relax your defiant stance against four more years. Just stand, then vote. We SHALL be victorious!

Obama-Biden 2008

Alice Parris


Soon everyone will see just how much negative and mean-spirited energy that the Republicans are capable of. The rash of ads after the announcement of the Obama-Biden ticket are just a beginning. This is not shrewd, clever, noble or decent. This is very misleading; as during a primary in which many are competing for the same job, there will be these type of statements made. Biden did not have a laundry list of criticisms, he had but one. Also, when did the Republicans become an authority on Freudian slips, deeming human error a flagship of Sigmund Freud? Desperate. During the two years that Senator Obama has won a hard-fought battle against Senator Clinton, Obama has gotten plenty of additional experience. He has been above the fray, not because he is an elitist, but because he is a Christian. There was a time when the Republicans were taken over by the “Religious Right” of Jerry Falwell’s design. George W. Bush used this same base to make his cronies wealthier.  

McCain saw that he was getting nowhere in his earlier bids for the Whitehouse, so he kissed the rings of the reigning powers that be, in order to get the Republican nomination.  He wants to be president so very badly. Has anyone ever examined his penchant for blantant envy? Why so many ads about Obama being a celebrity? His strategy team is just as reptilian as he has become. They will cut a throat without batting an eye. They will not win for all of their “clever” tactics nor will the media network, Fox News, which has been annexed by the Whitehouse of George W. Bush. All of them have sold their souls, yet continue to feel justified- or do they feel backed into a corner by the invading “Obama-machine?”

“We can’t have gays, stem cell research or abortions! ” they cry. Meanwhile, while they hide behind the gospels, they are really a cult of nasty, mammon-worshippers. They have no respect for their fellow human beings and for this reason, they have made America a much poorer nation, not only in fact, but in deed. All of the down and dirty laundry of the Republican party and its surrogates shall be exposed from the utmost to the least most. Don’t those sitting in their churches see that most of the “building programs” of their churches have been “bridges to nowhere?” What good does it do to not “…love your neighbor as you love yourself?” All of the works done under this banner shall be exposed to the light of moral truth.  With all of the Republicans who have been in charge since Roe vs. Wade, there has not been any over turning of this piece of legislation, although most of the elected officials of the Republican party (since that time) have run on this same platform.

What business do old, shriveled men have telling women what to do with their bodies? Should women, now legislate if a man can have an elective vascectomy? Who is holding up the stem-cell medical research which will help stop much of the suffering of the people that ARE ALREADY HERE?  Gays are here. They have always been here. Limiting their freedoms will not make them go away. Those who have run on these “anti-gay” platforms have become quite wealthy and powerful in so doing. According to my Bible, God is the only righteous judge. He alone will judge the nations, not the Republicans, Religious Right, or the self-righteous.

Everytime an ad comes out from McCain’s “mean-spirited machine,” there will be a gigantic light of moral truth shown upon all of those who engage in these practices. Imagine, McCain would not name his running mate until after Obama did, and I understand that as Senator Obama is giving his acceptance speech of the Democratic nomination, an envious McCain will announce his running mate. This smacks of petty jealousy and desperation for media attention. The Republicans have respect for no one but one of their own. They have ruled for way too long. They are now judged. They will lose. They are not on high moral ground.  They need to brace themselves for God’s backdraft. Afterall, He is “…an all consuming fire.”

Alice Parris