The world cannot stop itching, tapping toes
responding to vaguely familiar rhythms. These
gypsy-feet have traveled upon distant shores;

upon beds of sand mass & turquoise glass.
Deliberate toes dig into moist shores a certain
signature. Tinkling, trinkets remind gypsy-feet

that they have no master. They will move with the
wind’s whisper & the heat of their hearth-hearts.
Gypsy-feet want to hedonistically dance by the
burning fire through the dark night until dawn.

Gypsy-feet will do a perfect pirouette upon a pit
or a pendulum. They always land in cat-like surety.
Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, silver & gold

cannot assuage gypsy-feet. When the music begins,
these toes move torsos making them whirling dervishes;
taking them into excursions of untold ecstasy.

Who envies these gypsy-feet; both a blessing & a curse?
Gypsy-feet are wind-walkers upon aqua-tangerine skies,
dancing upon indigo, encrypted- epigraphs in the night.

Alice Parris