When given nuances, they cried
out for bloody red meat, “Give us
bowels, hearts, brains and bones.

Give us a fountain of blood wrapped
up in flesh. We want to butcher and
gorge upon bloody red meat.”

“We will not receive your subtle gifts.
We will dissect them and find them
bloodless. Give us bloody red meat!”

He said, “Alright! Sacred cows must be
sacrificed to get what you want.” They
said, “What? Our sacred cows? Never!”

He said, “If it is bloody red meat that
you want, understand that our land is
cracked and dry from a lack of blood upon
our own shores. Yet, I will still deliver.”

When the sacred cows were slaughtered,
the people screamed and howled for their
losses. They said to him, “Yes, we wanted
bloody red meat, but we wanted it to be

taken from your skinny bones. He said,
“I am afraid that this will not be possible,

for you see… change has truly come.”

Alice Parris