Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU

In truth, for all of the GOP’s religious posturing, they do not believe the Word of God. Their politics and policies are the antithesis of Christian doctrine. Since when have the Catholics been the sole driving force of God’s wisdom and the depository of knowledge? A very limited theological understanding is on display from alleged “Catholics” in the Congress, Senate, Fox news and Right wing talk shows. It is an abomination to despise the poor, afflicted, sick, elderly and the least among us. It shows an flagrant lack of charity. The apostle Paul states that the greatest virtue is charity. “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.” Ist Corintihians 13:1   “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son…”  This is because God is love.

What is on display is “another gospel” being preached. It has no value or virtue. It is devoid of power. It shall not be allowed to prevail. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7 The sowing of fraud in the name of God shall not go unpunished. Do these deceivers think that God is sleeping?  “Behold He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep” Psalm 121:4  The very thing to which the GOP have committed themselves will turn upon them and devour them. 

Their money shall not buy them the White House, for their purpose is power for the sake of power and not for the good of the people they claim to represent. They do not offer a vision of justice or unity. The have no vision.  “Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased in goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor and blind and naked:…” Revelations 3:17  Misrepresenting God is an offense for the which judgement must be administered.   Do not be angry or dismissive of the true Word of God you claim your policies are based upon.  Obey the Word of God and turn from the propagation of a false gospel or stop hiding behind God while you violate His Word. The choice and the judgement that follows is yours.

 Alice Parris


I have never seen a more soulless, selfish, greedy, opportunistic lot than these. If they are not bigoted, then the are stupid enough to think that they are smart enough to take the reins, again. Look at their leaders. They believe that they have perfected the art of the “untruth.” This has been their aspiration. What will they do when and if the country votes them in as the majority in the midterm elections? The Republicans tried to usurp the Tea Party Movement. The old adage, ” …if you can’t lick ’em, then join ’em…” has rung true. But, where are their principles? Where is their truth? What is their plan? ( other than to undo Obama) He is just too “uppity” for the likes of this group. 

They cannot use Republican fiscal wisdom, for it has cost this nation its wealth. They use ant-logic. That’s right, ant-logic. They work in tandum for the common good of their colony: undermining everything that the Obama administration has done. They have to protect their queen (Palin) so that they can last long enough to vanquish this country. Then, they will flee to their private hideaways…far away from the hungry, angry, looting masses that are sure to emerge if the “Cons” get back  in charge.  That’s why they are cleaning their guns!  The plan is f— the poor, the hungry, the homeless and non-whites. If they come into our part of town,  we’ll just shoot ’em. 

Rush Limbaugh loves his money. He spins the facts feverishly, every day. He probably laughs at night at how he has spun gold out of straw and created a nation of “ditto-head-zombies”  Sarah Palin is inarticulate and void of knowledge. She has a flair and that is about it. She can whip up a lynch mop as easily as she whips up an omlette. She loves being nouveau riche more than she loves Alaska and this country. Cheney is being kept alive as a cyborg. They will bring him back to life when they need a figurehead without a heart.  Glenn Beck shits gold bars. That is why he cries all the time. Ouch!

Michelle Bachmann is finally queen of something and it ain’t of hearts. She is a waste basket for the wasted minds of the Tea Party. McConnell aka “the turtle” & Boehner aka “the tan man” feel that they will be successful in their bid for control. What was it that Demint said about Obama’s “Waterloo?” Ouch!  Alvin Green is the anomoly that Demint has engineered to get him re-elected. I think that everyone should vote for Alvin Greene! Hahahah. 

Arpaio & Tancredo stepped out of a old Western movie. They are nothing more than modern day gun-slingers. They are beyond the laws of the land. They will make up their own rules as they go along.  Arpaio has gotten away with murder for thirty years. Arpaio & Tancredo are like older, stodgier versions of  Wyatt Earp & Doc Holliday. They are gunning for the immigrants.  Can anyone say, “The Reckoning?”

All sarcasm aside, all of the aforementioned people have reached the apex of  the ridiculous.  A political party has become more dysfunctional than a reality show. Now that Delay has “danced with the stars,” we have seen the “inner Conservative.”   Ostriches, get your head out of your asses and make sure that these circus freaks do not have a chance to give us the ” the royal screw.” It is written in their crib-notes.  Don’t change horses now.  Beware of the horse,”The Big Payback.”


Alice Parris




Fingers in the powerful’s pies
from one end of the country
to another. America’s  Siberia

declared too confining for an
ascending star. Always there

to whisper into the ear of the
next person who will implode.

Chameleon by nature.
Save McCain today. Tomorrow,
ride with the Tea Party Express.

Not rattled when fingerprints
are spread with cribnote-palms.
No shame. No shame.

Spin, spin , spin
deny, deny, deny
lie, lie, lie…

Palin’s fingerprints.

Cunning figurehead
strategist who pulls down
her own allegiances by
virtue of her idiotic advice.

Just ask Jan Brewer
about the advice of Palin.

What?  Arizona collapsed;
all business came to a halt?

What do you expect?
She sleeps with a successionist.

Never try to corner Palin.
Teeth barred,
you’ll suffer more than

Palin’s fingertips.

divide, divide, divide
deflect, deflect, deflect.
destroy, destroy, destroy.

Touted as clever-
made millions off of the
backs of the believing faithful.

CSI: follow the money-
it is awash with fingerprints…
Palin’s fingerprints.


Alice Parris


I lived in Arizona for twenty-five years.  The things that I hated:

1)   Sheriff Joe Arpaio

2)  Whiffs of Sheriff Joe’s personal corruptions

3)   Brutal “Tent City”

4)   Racial imbalance in jury pools

5)   Arrogant  “snow birds”

6)   Excessive bankruptcies

7)   Haven for Healthcare Systems

8)   Excessive photo radar

9)   Racial profiling (I was constantly being asked what race I was)

10)  Questionable  security at  Palo Verde nuclear facility


Alice Parris


I spent twenty- three years living in Arizona, primarily Scottsdale. Yes, the land of Senator McCain,  Sheriff Joe, photo-radar- on -the -freeway, and melanomas by the bushel. I moved to Arizona from Chicago when my sister relocated there. I didn’t know a thing about the state, then. When I first saw palm trees and idyllic sunsets, I was in absolute awe. This is the place that people who have some money come  to get away from the hustle of Chicago, New York, and other major cities. It is a rather transient place. It is difficult to find someone born and bred in Arizona unless you go to South Phoenix  (or at least as it was before bogus eminent domain planning stripped the people there of their land to give it to some developers-where some taken areas remain undeveloped to this day!) You can find many tribes with their reservations and casinos. You can also find second & third generation Mexican-Americans who own their own businesses and have given the state a strong work ethic.

I arrived at Christmas time, elated. By the summer, I felt as if someone had shoved my head into an oven, or that a giant blowdryer was focused on me. I had to visit the dermatologist quite often because of the effect that the radical heat and bright sunlight was having on my skin. It seems as if the heat was baking out impurities within my skin, erupting as acne. I never had acne before, even as a  teenager. I also had eczema which made my condition slightly complicated to treat. Too much chemical drying-eczema; too much moisture-acne. When one lives in the state of golf courses, tennis courts, and horses, there are alot of outdoor activities that can give fair-skinned people a problem. I know a man with a landscaping business, who has battled recurring melanomas for many years, always managing to catch a new case. There are necks out there that rival rough leather saddles, to be sure. My daughter-in-law is a redhead. She cannot go out into the sun without a sunscreen.  Sun bathing is absolutely out of the question. I also have an allergy to the sun!  So it was that I became one of Arizona’s finest vampires-LOL. I worked the night shift, slept during the day, and wore Raffia-fiber hats because I am allergic to sunscreen, as well as the sun. Everyone who lives in Arizona is told at some point that they need to always wear sunglasses so that the intense sunlight would not cause some vision problems due to burning out of retinas.

So in Scottsdale, I would see all of the Jaguars, Porsches, Mercedes, and BMW’s with beautifully-tanned women emerging from the driver’s seat with sun-streaked blonde hair and expensive sunglasses headed out to Scottsdale Fashion Square- Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus.  Scottsdale is  the city who pioneered the on-the-freeway-flash-in-your-eyes-photo radar program. Now, make no mistake. There are photo radar areas everywhere in Scottsdale; at most main intersections, as well as photo radar police cars hidden in the brush to take photos of speeding vechicles when the speed limit changes by five m.p.h.  This is obviously a big source of revenue for the city of Scottsdale to the dismay of unwitting  “snowbirds” flocking to the pleasant winter weather playground.

Sheriff Joe’s Tent City is all too real in Phoenix. It is a massive tent outside that remains outside in 115 degrees.  It is quite a punishment for those who break the law. It is not known how many people have suffered from heat exhaustion or heat stroke, having done a stint in this special place. When someone arrives at Tent City, they are donned in pink-cotton-candy-colored boxers, pink slippers, and pink handcuffs.  When I was called to jury duty, I saw that Arizona is no place that anyone black could receive a jury of his peers. Hey, I was the only black person in this vast pool. I, then, understood what it meant to have an approximately 2% black population. I believe that Mike Tyson and DMX were quite foolish to move to Arizona. The judicial system is stacked against blacks by demographics.

Sedona, the hideout of Senator John McCain is the New Age capital of the United States. There are proported vortexes there, and thriving local businesses who capitalize on everything from spiritual guides to U.F.O’s. There are guides who will take you to the vortexes, as well as maps available to find them yourself.  Only people with money can afford this real estate. I would suspect that the reason that Senator McCain has a ranch in Sedona is not just because he can, and not for the “spiritual energy” asserted to be there, but because the temperature is usually at least ten degrees cooler which would be a plus for a melanoma survivor.

After a few years enduring the six-month-long summers, I hated Arizona with its ancient Native American curses, its Keating Scandal, its AZ-Scam sting operation, its bankrupt Governor Symmington, its Tent City, its rude newly-transplanted-from-back-Easterners, its phony eminent domain scams (which turned South Phoenix from predominately black into suburbs with white residents, gated communities, new schools and Starbucks with outdoor misters) I hated the way older white people looked at me when I went to Scottsdale’s Costco and asked me the disturbing question, “where were you born?” I used to wear colorful turbans as a reminder of “tignon law” that was enacted  by Spanish Governor Miro in Louisiana to make sure everyone knew who the “colored” women were.  I could wrap a scarf around my head in a hundred different ways. After 9/11, I had to take them off, and wear the simple “slave rag” I have been asked if I was Egyptian, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Iranian, or anything “colored”  These questions were alright until after 9/11 and the illegal immigration issue began to cause discomfort. Funny thing, after leaving Arizona, moving to Nashville and returning to visit my children, I was returning from Nogales when a Mexican border patrol officer looked at my driver’s license and asked, “what state were you born in?” Had it not been for the fact that my husband has a chocolate complexion and that I was in the passenger seat, I am sure that I would have been pulled over at a check point about twenty to thirty minutes North of Nogales. Now, I do not ever want to go back to the state of melanoma. I do not want to get caught in the sweeping net of racial profiling, and I do not want to lose my temper. I do have a passport, of course, but it never stopped  judging eyes.

Golf-lovers, tennis players, horse-riders, swimmers, tanners, and retirees. You can have Arizona! Take it and its latent racism and swallow it whole. Slather on your sunscreen, keep your hands from being burned on the hot steering wheels, sit in those melting carseats, suffer those huge electic bills, live close to the Palo Verde nuclear plant, suffer from allergies from transplanted olive trees, avoid scorpions in the closet, watch out for black widows, drill traps for legendary subterranean termites in costly homes, keep your children from drowning in those expensive pools, let the casinos take your retirement income. You are welcome to it all!!!

Alice Parris