I am amazed at the “double-speak” which has become the McCain-Palin brand. They barage the television with deceptive ads against Senator Obama which can be immediately proven to be grotesque distortions, as well as outright lies.  While a plethera of attorneys have had to take over Alaska in order to clean up Sarah Palin’s mess, they still claim to be “Mavericks.”  It is insulting for the likes of McCain and Palin to attack the integrity of Senator Obama and Senator Biden, when attorneys have been sent to Alaska to gloss over Palin’s record of governance. What kind of alternate universe are the Republican candidates living in?  A cover-up or suppression of the Alaska “Troopergate” scandal is STILL a blemish upon Sarah Palin and has many asking, “where is this alleged transparency?”  What kind of judgement do either of them have? McCain seems to have gotten addled, lately; making bizarre statements about U.S. allies, and confusing SEC with FEC.  Worse than this, could be a Palin Presidency. We need to research Todd Palin, since HE is currently the real “shadow-ruler” of this ticket.

McCain’s POW  stump speech became less relevant in light of our country’s financial melt-down. Since we are not talking about WAR, McCain has been like a fish out of water. He is stumbling and fumbling his way across the country with Sarah as his “tag-team” partner.  She steps in to answer  questions directed to him; the ones which she feels better qualified to answer.   What a great “soulmate” don’t you think?  She is taking the stage, isn’t she? Folks are walking out on Mc Cain right after Palin’s  cheerleading. This looks very bad for their team. It should make Senator McCain uncomfortable. Someone must not have gotten the memo insructing them to be careful not to “outshine” the person on the top of the ticket. Is this what the country might have to brace itself for?  Republicans, do not gloat over your idol.  She is a “red herring” and will waste our time until the clock runs out on this election cycle. Straight talk is  what we need now; hope not fear. We need to turn a deaf ear to the Republican, reptilian, bifurcated tongue!

Alice Parris