Photography by Stony River/AU

Photography by Stony River/AU


Craggy visage
framed by snow-locks.
Power mantle unfurls
upon a servant’s feet.

Garbled voices give
way to white-misted,
billowy clouds nesting
in a bed of symbols.

Flesh feasts
upon divine symbols
with viper-drool fangs.

The seer stands alone.

Wildflowers of white
yellow & lavender. Early
birds flying with mates.
Flooded creeks flash-dry.

Morning dew hides
from first light. Silence…
Rumbling underground
seeking wide-lipped spout.

Flurries scurry
to orbital peripheries.
Discernment of shadows.

The seer stands alone.

Within timeless frames
& frameless times…

The seer stands alone.

Alice Parris


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Your tail sweeps & lashes, gathering the children
you once suckled. It was you who caused the world
to see their beauty & magnificence because of the

justice embodied by your celebrated statue of liberty.

They were proud of their mother, who was hailed
throughout the earth. Your laws were righteous.
Your children fought wars to protect you, cannibal
mother. Their sweat spilled while tilling your grounds.

Little did they know, that you would seek out each
wounded child for a bloody sacrifice at the altar of
your new, strangely-twisted, lethal, grinding-jaws

Virtue departed as your lips parted to shred your own
children. Surely, you had tricked them into thinking
themselves safe from your newly carniverous appetites.

What do you have to show for your once opened arms &
suckled breast? You have sunk to the ground, with scales
like the leviathan; a Biblical creature of fear and loathing.

Skies cry in torrents for you, cannibal mother. None else
will. All the world watches as you cannibalize yourself. No
civilized society can chew up & swallow their own progeny.

Now, your fierce, scaled children slither reptilian-like upon

your grounds, and you are no longer a beacon of light to the
world. You will not take your blood-thirst to another planet.
Higher intelligence withstands you. You are considered a virus,

now, cannibal mother. You are not welcome anywhere else.

Alice Parris


Thus saith the Lord,  ” That which you would have happen to another will surely happen to you. The destroying angel has been released, but not to kill Barack Obama. Now, is the fullness of iniquities shapened in darkness. There will be judgement, but it will be the judgement of God upon those who use the Holy Bible to curse what God has blessed.  A sword has been sent out into the earth to smite those who judge another’s servant.”

Alice Parris


It seems as if Rush Limbaugh is on the side of the Taliban and terrorist groups against our President’s international award.  He appeared unusually flustered as he tried to spin his way out of the corner that he has painted himself into. He is undoubtedly not as qualified to lead the masses as was once assumed. Michael Steele, also, was full of negativity for President Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. What a bunch of loons! Their entire delusional framework will collapse replete with nervous breakdowns if they are not able to spin gold from straw.

What I see is that every time President Barack Hussein Obama goes through a fiery trial of an immensely humiliating nature, God honors him so that his enemies need antacids. God gives him a “…a token for good, so that those who hate him will see that God has loved him…”  God  “prepares a table before him in the presence of his enemies…”  Now, let us see those who hate him continue to justify their vile hatred of him with their thin veneer of truth. Let us see how well they twist in the wind  in the days to yet to come.

Alice Parris



I hear the painful cries

of the eagle, in trouble,

atop mountainous, leafy domain.

Could these distressed sounds

signal talons, wings & beaks;

fettered, clipped, broken?


Blue-sprayed skies pushed aside

by crematory-colored storm clouds.

Lemon-sun forsaken.

The eagle cries;

squeezes out gods of greed

upon the altars of the needy.


Reptillian eyes of dark lords

wax brilliant, yellow-topaz

watching life-blood drip upon

crocodile-cracked, earth crevices.


The bone shattering cries

of the eagle are being heard

above the level of humankind.


We are in the season of the

separation of wheat & tares;

angels have been assigned

to stamp our expiration dates.


Cease from all quarrels.

May heaven help us all.


Alice Parris


I want to remind everyone about the Word of Wisdom blogged December 22th, 2008,  in which I spoke of unusual deliverances (airplane on the Hudson river in January) as well as unusual sufferings and plagues (the swine flu which will rock the world. However this particular swine flu is not partial to the elderly. This is an “unusual” marker,  since the elderly are a vulnerable group for flu viruses ) Avian flu will continue to mutate, jumping over to other species faster than world scientists can create vaccines. There will be mergers of flu strains as well as other unusual plagues which will soon come to light.

Usually, those who do not have medical care, the elderly, the young, those with weakened immune systems could succumb to epidemics and pandemics. Look for the atypical factor. The rest of what was spoken, will also come to pass.  Take a look at what was written a few blogs ago.  The entry was December 22th, 2008.  Read the remainder of the blog. There will be more unusual deliverances and also unusual healings.  Everyone needs to do some personal introspection. Nobody wants to be a casualty of the events scheduled to come; hell is coming.


Alice Parris



While sleeping,  I was given pure knowledge or revelation about what God is about to do. It could be called a “night-vision,” but there were no images neither symbols given. It was given as pure knowledge. Pure knowledge is a “panoramic” understanding of  something without the use of words or images. Throughout my life, God has interrupted whatever I was doing to let me know what He was about to do. I do not lightly share this information.

“God is about to do some unusual things upon the earth. These will be things for which there is no precedent, type nor shadow. There will be unusual healings, unusual deliverances, unusual sufferings and plagues.   Prepare yourselves.  Go through the straight-gate.”

Alice Parris